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Division of Environmental Science
Environmental Data Science: Quantitative Skills to Help our World

data science chartAs environmental monitoring networks expand around the world, the amount and variety of collected data is enormous. Environmental Data Science (EDS) is the art and science of managing, manipulating and extracting information from these data sources. EDS is interdisciplinary in nature, and at SUNY ESF we are leaders in this field. Combining domain knowledge (e.g., biology, ecology, hydrology, chemistry) with skills in computer science, mathematics and statistics, and environmental data acquisition, SUNY ESF GPES students and faculty are at the forefront of this exciting field. We have partnered with public agencies, non-profit organizations, environmental consulting firms, and software development companies to better understand their needs and train our students. SUNY ESF has an annual Data Science Bootcamp at one of SUNY ESF's Adirondack satellite campuses where graduate students learn hands-on skills on environmental sensor design and advanced coding techniques. Data science is an emerging field, and employment opportunities in this area are growing. Faculty involved with Environmental Data Science participate in all three GPES Study Areas: C&E, ELWA, and PPCS. Come join us to develop EDS skills and knowledge and contribute to improving our world.