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Restoration Science at SUNY ESF: Transforming a Better World

restoration scienceDegraded ecosystems represent a global challenge as they increase in area while demand for their services is growing. SUNY ESF is a leading voice in the field of Restoration Science, seeking to identify holistic solutions to comprehensive ecosystem restoration and revitalization. GPES faculty are at the forefront of this effort, addressing the ecological, environmental, social, economic and policy aspects of Restoration Science. This effort involves ecologist, biologists, social scientists, foresters, landscape designers and engineers working collaboratively to help regain lost ecological potential by restoring vulnerable sites using the best methodology and science available. The college has developed a new Restoration Science Center which is a focal point for student and faculty interaction on pressing interdisciplinary restoration problems. Working with the Society of Ecological Restoration, we also offer training for Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners for both matriculated and non matriculated students. Restoration Science seeks to improve our world for the benefit of all. Faculty involved with Restoration Science participate in all three GPES Study Areas: C&E, ELWA, and PPCS. Come join us in this effort!