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Water: A Critical Resources

waterSUNY ESF is known for its leadership in environmental research, education and stewardship. This is particularly true in the area of water resources, where faculty from all 7 departments have experts. From water supply and management to water and wastewater treatment; from monitoring harmful algal blooms (HABs) to restoring aquatic ecosystems; from river restoration to hydropower production; from water policy and governance to hydrologic modeling; from biogeochemical processes to riparian ecology; from hydroclimatology to fishery science and waterfowl. The depth of expertise is unparalleled, and student can engage a diverse water-related curriculum while working on advanced research to help promote a healthier planet. While faculty from all three GPES Study Areas are involved with water resources, if water is your passion a good place to start is ELWA. I'm sure you'll agree, ESF is much more than a drop in the bucket!