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Environmental and Natural Resources Policy

environmental and natural resources policyFaculty and students involved with Environmental and Natural Resource Policy (ENRP) share a deep concern for the development and application of interdisciplinary approaches to the stewardship of ecosystems. This focus area requires scientific understanding of the interconnections between ecosystems and social systems, and the skills developed help our graduates to creatively and appropriately design managerial and policy solutions to critical environmental problems. SUNY ESF graduates focusing on ENRP have become successful researchers, educators, administrators, managers, and consultants, responding to the challenges related to the sustainable management of local, regional, and global resources. ENRP skills developed at ESF enable students to think critically and independently, effectively apply scientific principles and professional procedures, develop competence in technical skills and tools, and attain proficiency in the current knowledge in the field. ENRP is about improving our world for the betterment of all. If this is an area of interest for you, the first place to look are faculty associated with the PPCS Study Area. Come make the world a better place.