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Papers Addressing Uncertainty in Ecosystem Budgets

You can improve the QUEST Bibliography by adding papers using this Google Form. You will need to identify the sources of uncertainty and methods of quantifying them. If you find errors in our database, please notify us at

  • Click here for list of papers searchable by sources of uncertainty addressed and methods to quantify them.
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  • Tomaszewski, T., R.L. Boyce, and H. Sievering. 2003. Canopy uptake of atmospheric nitrogen and new growth nitrogen requirements at a Colorado subalpine forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33:2211-2227. The authors estimated the contribution of canopy nitrogen uptake (CNU) to the N budget in the spruce-fir-pine forest at Niwot Ridge. They had uncertainties associated with each input of N into the forest to estimate the uncertainty of CNU and the uncertainty of foliar N requirements to finally calculate the fraction of N contributed by CNU.
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