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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Federal Work Study Program

SUNY ESF participates in the Federal Work-Study Program in order to offer part-time employment opportunities to eligible students. In addition to helping the students defray the ever-increasing costs of higher education, FWS also provides a valuable workforce for the college community.

Students employed through the Federal Work-Study Program will be paid hourly wages up to $15 per hour during the academic year and $15 per hour during any summer prior to enrollment at SUNY ESF.  First-year students are eligible to work during the summer before their first semester!

Earnings from the Federal Work-Study are not automatically applied toward educational costs.  Students are paid bi-weekly for hours worked.  As a result, most employees apply their program earnings to miscellaneous expenses throughout the school year.  Summer employees are expected to save a certain portion of their earnings for academic year educational expenses.

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Federal Work-Study Eligibility

In order to work in a Federal Work-Study position, students must first apply for financial aid. Eligible students will be offered a FWS grant as part of the financial aid package. Upon acceptance of the grant, the student is eligible to apply for any FWS position and earn wages up to the grant amount during the summer and/or academic year.

How to Apply for Federal Work-Study

Students seeking employment should first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If interested in summer employment, the Summer FWS Student Data Form should also be completed. If the student is offered and accepts a FWS grant, additional instructions will then be provided.

Federal Work-Study Resources

Please visit the Federal Work-Study Resource Page for step-by-step procedures and document links which will enable you to take full advantage of the program.

Faculty and staff can find additional information on the Supervisor Resource Page.

Federal Work-Study Program Student Handbook

Last updated on January - 2024