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ESF Academic Catalog
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

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Construction Management prepares students to work in an integrated team with a diverse group of owners, architects, engineers, construction craftspersons, and material suppliers. The manager helps to ensure that the owner's goals for cost, schedule, quality, and sustainability are met. Students may enter the Bachelor of Science program as first-year students or as transfer students. Our graduates have excellent placement rates and starting salaries.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management at ESF is distinguished by a strong emphasis on project-based learning, a unique focus on sustainability, a hands-on laboratory environment, and a strong relationship with Syracuse University.

  • Students are engaged each semester in classes, clubs, and competitions that allow them to take on responsibility and deliver projects for the campus and community. Whether building bridges or tiny homes, planning net zero projects for displaced residents or autistic children, CM students are building our future. To read how the CM students won a national prize for their work, and then helped the project be built.
  • ESF is a leader in sustainability, and the Construction Management program is no different. Our CM students take multiple courses on sustainability, and a majority take and pass the LEED Green Associate exam. CM students help to organize and run the NYS Green Building Conference, where they meet and engage with professionals on the cutting edge of the industry. 
  • The green building materials lab, the wood machining lab, and the material testing lab give students the hands-on experience to understand the materials and processes used for construction. 
  • ESF construction managers work alongside Syracuse University architects and engineers on integrated team projects and competitions. ESF Construction Management students taking classes at Syracuse University find themselves working with students from Real Estate, Management, Architecture, and Civil Engineering majors. 

The educational program, leading to the professional Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education.

Lower Division Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
APM 104 College Algebra & PreCalculus G 3
APM 105 Survey Of Calc & Appl I G 4
CME 132 Orientation Seminar:SCME 1
CME 215
CME 304
Sustainable Construction

Envrn Perform Measures/Bldgs

CME 226 Statics&Mechanics of Materials 4
CME 306 Engr Materials/Sustainble Cons 3
CME 332 Mech/Elect Equipment 3
CME 342 Light Construction 3
EWP 190 Writing And The Envrnment G 3
EWP 220 Public Presentation Skills 2 - 3
EWP 290 Research Writing & Humanities G 3
FCH 110 Survey of Chemical Principles G 3
FCH 111 Survey/Chemical Principles Lab 1
FOR 205 Principles of Accounting 3
FOR 207 Introduction To Economics G 3
FOR 360 Principles of Mgmt/Envrn Prof 3
PHY 211 General Physics I G 0 - 8
PHY 221 General Physics I Laboratory 0 - 8

General Education Courses

Course Codes* Credits
General Education Course in one of the following categories: US History
& Civic Engagement, The Arts, World History and Global Awareness,
World Languages
G 3
General Education Course in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice G 3

Upper Division Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
APM 391 Intro/Probability&Stats G 3
CME 255 Plan Interpn&Quantity Takeoff 3
CME 303 Construction Mngmnt Internship 1 - 3
CME 305 Sustainable Energy Sys/Bldgs 3
CME 327 Site Investigatns & Solutions 3
CME 331 Construction Safety 3
CME 335 Cost Engineering 3
CME 343 Construction Estimating 3
CME 404 Applied Structures 3
CME 405 Bldg Info Modelng/Cons Mgt 3
CME 453 Construct Plan/Scheduling 3
CME 454 Construction Project Mgt 3
CME 455 Construct Contracts/Specs 3
CME 497 Senior Ethics Seminar 1
ERE 371 Surveying For Engineers 3
FOR 485 Business and Managerial Law 3
RMS 387 Renewable Mat/Sustainable Cons 3
RMS 422 Composite Mat/Sustainable Cons 3

Free Electives

Course Codes* Credits
Electives   18


Total Minimum Credits For Degree: 124


Secondary Content