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ESF Academic Catalog
Department of Landscape Architecture

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M.Margaret Bryant, Chair
101 Marshall Hall

Since 1911 the Landscape Architecture program at SUNY ESF has been educating practitioners and teachers, designers and planners, advocates and policy makers who have devoted careers to a viable, sustainable integration of natural and cultural communities.

The Department of Landscape Architecture offers three degree programs designed to educate students to contribute in varied ways to society and the wise use of land and landscape. Each provides a basis for students to establish career directions in the profession of landscape architecture and related fields. The bachelor and Master of Landscape Architecture, and master of science degrees are offered. Qualified undergraduate students may apply for the combined B.L.A./M.S. fast-track option.

Students in the department are required to have a laptop computer with appropriate software. Guidelines are available from the Department of Landscape Architecture. Many classes also have required field trips to project sites, or to study built works. Course fees attached to such classes cover transportation. Course fees also cover supplies for final plots for class assignments.


Degree Programs

Landscape Architecture

BLA/MS Fast Track

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)