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ESF Academic Catalog
Land Surveying Technology (A.A.S.)

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Land surveying technology students obtain a sound technical background in fundamental land surveying principles, techniques and skills. They become well-rounded technical specialists capable of teamwork, communication and problem solving, and they develop life-long learning skills and abilities.

The program provides students with a combination of surveying and land resource knowledge and related skills which are not available elsewhere. Students will be thoroughly exposed to the field of land surveying through a carefully planned combination of classroom lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experience. The educational program in land surveying technology, leading to the associate of applied science degree in land surveying technology, is accredited by the ETAC Accreditation Commission of ABET,

The first year required courses are completed at a college of the student's choice.

First Year Required Courses

Course Codes* Credits
General Biology with lab   4
Physics   4
English with a Focus on Writing (Two 3-credit courses)   6
Trigonometry or pre-calculus (1 course)   3
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice   3
Total Maximum Transfer Credits   20


Second Year Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
FTC 200 Dendrology 3
FTC 202 Intro To Surveying 3
FTC 204 Intro/Nat Res Measurements 4
FTC 205 Comp-Aided Draftng&Dsgn I 2
FTC 206 Forest Ecology 4
FTC 207 Communications and Safety 3
FTC 208 Remote Sensing and GIS 3
FTC 214 Leadership & Orgnztnl Perfrmnc 2
FTC 225 Timber Transportn&Utilization 2
FTC 239 GIS Practicum 1
FTC 251 Adv Survey Measure&Comp 4
FTC 253 Survey Law 3
FTC 255 Boundary Surveying 3
FTC 256 Subdivision Surveys 2
FTC 257 Construction&Topo Surveys 3
FTC 259 Cmptr-Aided Draftng & Dsgn II 2

Total Minimum Credits For Degree: 64

* Special Course Codes (Code indicates course meets certain program or 
accreditation requirements. Ignore if there is no relevance to this program of study.) G
General Education Course (GenEd), E = Engineering, ES = Engineering Sciences, M
Mathematic, NS = Natural Sciences, PE = Professional Education, S = Summer-only