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ESF Academic Catalog
Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management

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The Natural Resources Management (NRM) program is structured to introduce students to a wide range of renewable natural resources (soils, water, vegetation, wildlife, recreation), while maintaining substantial flexibility for student-centered learning in understanding and managing natural systems. It is based on a vision that combines professional competency in management skills with a strong foundation in the social and biophysical sciences.

The program develops professional skills that employers tell us are the most important traits they look for in new employees. These traits are developed through a broad base of classes in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, communication, and quantitative and qualitative problem-solving skills. The majority of work scheduled during the first two years (lower division) is in these areas. This major prepares students to be well-rounded natural resources managers.

The educational program, leading to the professional degree in Natural Resources Management, is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF) under Natural Resources and Ecosystem Management.

Lower Division Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
APM 103
APM 104
Applied Algebra & Trigonometry

College Algebra & PreCalculus

APM 391 Intro/Probability&Stats 3
EFB 100 Survey of Biology 4
FOR 110 Environmental Physics 3
ESF 200 Information Literacy 1
EWP 190 Writing And The Envrnment 3
EWP 220 Public Presentation Skills 2 - 3
EWP 290 Research Writing & Humanities 3
FCH 150
FCH 151
FCH 110
FCH 111
General Chemistry I

General Chemistry I Lab

Survey of Chemical Principles

Survey/Chemical Principles Lab



FOR 132 Orientation Seminar: SRM 1
FOR 207 Introduction To Economics 3
FOR 232 Natural Resources Ecology 3
FOR 360 Principles of Mgmt/Envrn Prof 3
FOR 372 Fund/Outdoor Recreation 3
LSA 333 Plant Materials 2

Lower Division Elective Courses

Course Codes* Credits
General Education Course in one of the following categories: US History
& Civic Engagement, The Arts, World History and Global Awareness,
World Languages
G 3
General Education Course in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice G 3
Sociology or Psychology Course
One course from EST 203, SOC 101 or PSY 205.


Upper Division Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
ESF 300 Intro/Geospatial Info Tech 3
FOR 205 Principles of Accounting 3
FOR 304 Adirondack Field Studies 4
FOR 322 Nat Res Measuremnts & Sampling 3
FOR 333 Natural Resrc Managerial Econ 3
FOR 345 Introduction to Soils 3
FOR 465 Natural Resources Policy 3
FOR 475 Recreation Behavior &Managemnt 3
FOR 485 Business and Managerial Law 3
FOR 490 Integrated Resources Mgt 3

Upper Division Required Courses

Course Codes* Credits
Free Electives   22
Vegetation Management   3
Technical Writing Directed Elective   3
Water Resources Directed Elective   3
Wildlife or Fisheries Course One course from EFB 390, EFB 413, or EFB 487   3 - 4
Specialized NRM Course:
Two upper division courses with a Natural Resources focus, see FNRM Student Handbook


Total Minimum Credits For Degree: 122