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Faculty & Staff

How do I? 

The following questions and answers will provide you with some helpful tips on working at ESF. Think of something that would be useful to add? Let us know.

To reserve a room on campus, visit ESF Spaces and follow the prompts.  ESF Spaces is the campus room reservation system. You may request room reservations to many campus spaces through this system. An ESFiD account and DUO two-factor authentication are required.

To reserve a campus vehicle or bus, visit the Garage and Transportation page. 

To share an event through Campus News, please submit your information to the Office of Communications and Marketing via this form.


Campus News is distributed by the Office of Communications and Marketing and is the official channel for campus-wide communication. Messages shared via Campus News will communicate official campus business. Examples include formal notices regarding campus-wide events, college closings, delayed openings, early dismissals, information essential to the operation or execution of college business, important deadlines, campus-wide meetings, health and safety risks, changes in policies and procedures and notifications regarding the availability of campus services and facilities. In short, messages must pertain to the College. If you have questions, contact Submit items here.

If you have news you would like publicized, please fill out the Communications Input Form to share your information. Office of Communications and Marketing staff will follow up with you to discuss the best ways to distribute it to appropriate outlets.

If you have an item that you would like posted to one of the College's social media platforms, please contact Although we can and will respond as quickly as possible, ideally posts to social media and any required advertising will be planned in advance and built into the schedule maintained by the Office of Communications and Marketing. 

Individual faculty webpage content is maintained via the Faculty Public Information Manager, and is managed by individual faculty directly. ESFiD and DUO are required to access this system, a part of the ESF Community Intranet.

For all other web requests - please submit the Website Request Form. Your request will be handled as promptly as possible.

Visit University Police's Parking Division for information on obtaining a campus parking pass. You can also send an email to

For computer support services, visit Computing and Network Services (CNS).

For information regarding administrative computing, visit Computing and Network Services (CNS). 

For information regarding the use of A/V equipment in the classroom, contact the Computing and Network Services help desk

For information regarding making copies, visit the Copy Center

For information regarding all aspects of travel for College business, visit Business Affairs: Travel. 

For information on making a purchase, visit Business Affairs: Purchasing for the necessary forms and guidelines. 

The Federal Work-Study Program at ESF can provide access to eligible student employees during the summer and academic year. 

Visit the Shipping & Receiving page for information for information on sending and receiving mail/packages on campus. 

To submit a work order for non-emergency work requests, visit the Facilities and Operations & Services page. 

The Academic Success Center helps students succeed by offering student development opportunities that assist in current academic pursuits and support future personal achievement. 

There are forms that you will have to complete to let your supervisor know the needs of your area as well as get approval for the hire.  The forms can be found here. Any questions call 315-470-6611 to speak with someone about the appointment you would like to put forward and who the employer would be, State or Research Foundation.

Information regarding benefits can be found here on SUNY's website where it is listed by negotiating unit.  Benefit information for Research Foundation employees can be found here

On the Human Resources page under Additional Forms you will see the performance program and evaluation templates for UUP, CSEA and Research Foundation employees.  Call 315-470-6611 if you have any questions when completing a program or evaluation.  

On the Human Resources page, complete this form when an employee first starts as well as when changes happen.  The completed form should be kept in supervisors employee file. 

Information regarding campus policies and procedures can be found on the ESF Policies and Procedures page

Complete this form when an employee retires or separates from the College from the Human Resources page.

ESF's Academic Governance serves to help facilitate the initiation, development, and implementation of the College's mission and educational program. For information about becoming involved, visit the Academic Governance's webpages. 

To learn how to properly compost, recycle and dispose of trash at ESF, visit the Materials Management page. There you will find information on the proper procedures and learn about the vital part materials management plays in ESF's mission.

ESF's Clean Energy Master Plan can be found on the Energy page that details the many avenues the College takes to save energy. You will also find tips on how to conserve energy on campus.

Get involved with sustainability at ESF by submitting a project idea, joining a club or learning how you can take action on and off campus. 

ESF has seven satellite properties. To learn about these research and teaching facilities, please visit the ESF campuses webpage. 

Send your How Do I suggestions to