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Office of Business Affairs
Official College Travel

Coronavirus Update: We request that faculty, staff, and students communicate ALL international and domestic travel plans to the Travel Coordinator, Kristina Hart, 101 Bray Hall, email:, Phone: 315-470-4827. Please note that employees traveling for ESF purposes will still be required to complete a Travel Authorization Form.

Please submit any Travel reimbursement requests and Travel/NET card reconciliations via email to All submitted documents should include authorized signatures and supporting documentation. Please note, there may be a delay in receiving paper check reimbursements.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

ESF follows New York State and Research Foundation guidelines to apply IRS rates for personal vehicle use, daily meals and lodging.

Click the buttons below to access important documents and forms, mileage charts, per diem allowance and much more. Click the icons below to access important documents and forms, mileage charts, per diem allowance and much more.

Travel Notification: Travel, NET Citibank Cards Not Permissible for AirBnB/VRBO or similar rentals. These are an online marketplaces that allow individuals to rent personal properties or spare rooms to guests. Travelers who wish to use AirBnB, VRBO or similar rentals for lodging may do so only by using personal funding. Travelers may be reimbursed a rate that is within the allowable per diem only after travel is complete, a cost analysis has been performed in advance, and if the cost savings are substantial. Travelers assume a very high risk of non-reimbursement from state funding if a cancellation occurs through an Airbnb reservation.


Travel Ban


Executive Orders 155 and 156 banning all non-essential travel to Mississippi. This travel ban applies to all travel funded by the University, state or Research Foundation, including travel funded from state IFR or Research Foundation multiple sponsor accounts or by another New York State agency.

Travel through an airport located in Mississippi to a final destination outside of Mississippi is allowed so long as there is no overnight layover in Mississippi. However, when possible and cost effective, travelers should avoid making airline connections through Mississippi airport. In order to comply with these Executive Orders, please do not schedule, make deposits, or incur any expenses related to travel to Mississippi at this time. The only travel allowed to Mississippi is travel to enforce New York State law, meet prior contractual obligations or for the protection of public safety, welfare and security. Requests for travel exceptions under these criteria will be considered on a case by case basis. To make a travel exception request, please e-mail the following individuals with all details of the travel request, including:

  • exact destination in Mississippi
  • purpose of the trip
  • mode of transportation
  • length of stay in Mississippi
  • estimated total cost of the trip including airfare, hotel, meals and other costs
  • any costs already prepaid which cannot be refunded and the date these costs were prepaid
  • for RF funded trips, the grant number and name through which the travel would be paid, and
  • under which of the exception criteria the trip should be allowed and why.

Travel exception requests will be reviewed and a response will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the request.

Foundation travel at ESF and thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Further updates on the status of Executive Orders 155 and 156 will be shared as they are issued. The complete Executive Orders can be viewed at