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New Faculty Information

Grad School General Policies for Grad Students

Graduate Academic Policies

Continuous registration

Registered in semester when graduate

ESF899/999 - free, 0-credit SUMMER course, which meets requirement. Must register directly through Registrar's office.

Degree Requirements

  1. College/Grad School/SUNY/NYSED - this is the primary focus of the Grad School 
  2. Departmental - Departmental Student Handbook/webpages
  3. Steering Committee - meetings


Graduate School forms online.

Submit the forms to or 227 Bray. Digital signatures or email approvals are okay.

Time limits/Petition for Extension

Form 6B (Appointment of candidacy examination committee)

There is a planning meeting and an oral exam. Date, time and location of planning meeting must be emailed to Grad School.

Form 5B (Appointment of thesis/dissertation examination committee)

Date, time and location must be emailed to Grad School. Scheduling the capstone is the student's responsibility (with help from Dept. Admin Asst.)

Appointment of Exam Chairs

After submission of 5B or 6B.

  • Rotating basis- at least once/year
    • Must be in different department from student
    • All full-time faculty after 1 year of employment
  • Chair responsibilities/exam policies found online
  • Summer exams
  • Benefits
    • Service
    • Research
    • Managing process
    • Relationship with student mentees


General information about commencement activities is available online

  1. Final Grade
  2. Pink Form (Form 9)
  3. Key return form, (student responsibility) - once the Grad Office knows that a student is graduating, an email will be sent explaining the degree-specific requirements.
  4. Professional degrees - it is important that MPS, MLA, MF students let the Grad School know that they will be graduating.
    1. Commencement Surveys
  5. Research Degrees - defense is "triggering" mechanism but these students should also respond to the commencement surveys
    1. Thesis Processing Fee
    2. Signature Page (8A)
    3. Formatting Review
    4. Upload final thesis or Dissertation to Google Drive
  6. Survey of Earned Doctorates (Ph.D. only)

GA Appointments

  • Department chair/Grad Coordinator or Administrative Assistant fills out form
  • Grad School Processes Tuition Scholarships once appointment made
  • HR Handles "employment" piece

RPA Appointments

  • Research Foundation is responsible for funding/employment pieces in collaboration with HR 
  • Grad School Processes Tuition Scholarships once appointment made

Other Grad School Functions

  • Academic Standards
  • Tracking student progress
  • MP/Committee/student issues

Grad School Contact

All questions/requests/forms should be triaged through:


227 Bray Hall