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The Restoration Science Center



Our Mission

The Restoration Science Center (RSC) is a transdisciplinary and cross-departmental effort to restore degraded ecosystems and human relationships with the land. As a global center for restoration science, our students and scientists work side-by-side and with research partners, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, industry, and private landowners. Our goals are to test, develop, and apply novel technologies to restoration projects, while drawing on traditional ecological knowledge and land stewardship practices.


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Research Themes

RSC programming and initiatives are divided into four themes representing our major restoration goals. We support and lead projects focused on Ecosystem, Species, Agroecological and Biocultural Restoration. Learn more about each theme below!

RSC in the News

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Species Restoration

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Ecosystem Restoration

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Agroecological Restoration


Meet Our Directors

Dr. Donald J. Leopold & Dr. John M. Farrell

“RSC faculty projects include foci on pollinators, rare plant and animal species, invasive species, restoring special places close to home to far away, and creating food forest systems in urban landscapes where food security is a serious social issue”

Full RSC Staff and Faculty Directory

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