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Support Our Work

Our diverse team of faculty, staff and students is working on projects locally, in the Northeastern United States, and across the globe. Together with our partners, we are healing degraded systems and their biocultural relationships. However, the RSC is more than just a research center. Students are essential to our mission, assisting with all aspects of RSC programs. We are training the next generation of environmental leaders and problem-solvers.

Your donations fund our restoration programs, directly supporting our students and research needs. 


Our Students

The RSC engages undergraduates in our restoration programing, training them in research, communications and public outreach and supporting scientific growth. We also provide support for graduate student research and training. The RSC benefits from student contributions on our projects, students benefit from working side-by-side with our renowned faculty and staff, and we all benefit by supporting the future minds of environmental science.
Two students wearing orange hard hats. The student in green t-shirt is looking something through a binoculars and the student in red shirt is writing something.

Our Research

The generosity of private donations and foundations has been instrumental in the creation and success of our restoration initiatives. Our Pollinator Ecology and Lawn-to-Meadow Programs would not be possible without external support.
Molly Jacobson, polinator at E S F, standing next to flowers holding a net

If you’re interested donating at a higher level or enabling a new branch of the RSC, please contact ESF’s Major Gift Officer.

Brandy Neveldine smiling


Brandy Neveldine
Major Gift Officer