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Restoration Science Center

Guides and Manuals

CNY Converting Lawns to Meadows Guide

To learn more about our Lawn to Meadow Program, visit our page.

Landowner's Guide to State Protected Plants of Forests in NYS

Most states have regulations that protect their rarest plant species from exploitation or destruction of their habitat. Other plant species that could be over harvested because of their perceived medicinal value, like ginseng or goldenseal, are also often protected by state law.

Meet Our Pollinators

Informative brochure on Central NY pollinators. Created by RSC Pollinator Ecologist, Molly Jacobson, in collaboration with NYS Legislative Commission on Rural Resources.

Meet Our Pollinators Brochure


Connect with the RSC

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Meadow Making Series

These materials are supplementary to our Meadow Making YouTube Series.

Sam Quinn and Lilly Kramer jumping through the fields