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Forest Ecosystem Science Laboratory
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Data Management

Specific to Ruth's Lab:

Tax exempt forms

Sample processing

  • Ashing/Digestion procedure--amended by Chuck 10/8/09
  • ICP Protocol--revised 3/25/09 by CA Blodgett
  • Bickelhaupt, D.H. and E.H. White.  1982.  Laboratory Manual for Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis.  School of Forestry, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY.  (Chuck Schirmer is revising this, and we'll post after he does.  In the meantime, see him for a copy of the 1982 manual, or look at the copy to remain in B9 Marshall.) 



Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation proposals

  • 2012 Craig See

  • 2017 Yang Yang

  • 2018 Alexander Young

  • 2019 Alexandrea Rice

  • 2020 Thomas Mann

  • 2021 Joe Nash/Final Report

  • 2022 Scott Dai

  • 2022 Jenna Zukswert

  • Past internship reports

Soils Lab Price List--Return to Chuck Schirmer once analyses are complete



  • Software is freely available from
  • "An introduction to data analysis and graphics with R" PDF
  • A summary of functions used in "An Introduction to Data Analysis and Graphics with R" PDF

PDFs of most of Ruth's publications can be found here: Publications  Theses are posted on the data  page beneath the section with its corresponding files.