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Student Affairs
Student Support


Stop by 110 Bray Hall, call 315-470-6660, or email

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Our office makes every effort to be accessible when students come in to see us. However as the semester progresses and schedules fill up, drop in appointments may not be possible and scheduling an appointment is advisable.

Staff Contacts:

Renee McNamara
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
110 Bray Hall
(315) 470-6660


The Division of Student Affairs provides assistance to students experiencing hardship, support to faculty and staff working with students of concern, and guidance to parents/family seeking help and information on behalf of their student.

General Assistance

Sometimes through the course of a student’s experience, issues arise and it would benefit the student to talk about those concerns with a staff member and explore options and resources that may be of assistance. We strongly encourage students to contact us so we can support your success in our community. We are also a good place to start if you are unsure where to direct your concern or seek assistance from.

Crisis Management

There are times when emergencies or other significant life situations arise for students. These crisis situations may include, but are not limited to: car accidents, the death of a loved one, unexpected hospitalization, mental health crisis, alcohol or other drug abuse, or being close to someone else experiencing difficulty. When staff members in Student Affairs become aware of critical concerns, we contact students to ensure they are aware of the resources available to them. If you or a student you know needs resources or support, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

In the event of a crisis requiring emergency response, please call 911 or the ESF University Police Department at 315-470-6666. Your first priority in an emergency situation should be your own safety and security.

Referral to Support Resources

Students looking for or experiencing difficulty accessing support services/resources on campus, through our relationship with Syracuse University, or in the local community can find assistance in our office. Student Affairs may be able to assist in identifying more specifically what services are available to students, but also what to expect when they arrive at those locations. Some of the most common resources that students seek out are:

These are just some of the many offices that ESF students are able to seek support and resources from. For more information on additional resources on campus or at Syracuse University, please contact our office so we can help direct you.

Consultation & Outreach

Faculty and staff, as you interact with students, situations or conversations may arise which cause you concern. You may be the first person to realize a student needs assistance. We believe your relationship can assist a student in finding the answers or help they need. Listen and assess how you can best be of assistance. Depending on the situation, refer students to the appropriate resources on campus. If you are ever unsure of the best way to help, Student Affairs staff can accept your referral or consult in person, by phone, or email about how you can best serve each student to address individual situations or concerns.

When a student needs more than you feel prepared to provide, a referral to the Office of the Dean of Students is a great place to start. If you have helped a student resolve an issue, but suspect more assistance is needed, share those concerns with us as well.

There are times when we may reach out to you to gather additional information. When we contact others, our goal is to collaborate to determine the best course of action for each student or situation. We appreciate receiving information you might have that will help us reach our goal of effectively supporting our students.

Voluntary Withdrawal

There are a variety of reasons that a student may choose to withdraw from the College, either for a short-time or permanently. Student who are exploring this option or have decided to withdraw must first meet with a staff member from the Division of Student Affairs to learn more about the process. For more information, read more.

Readmission Process

Students who wish to return to the College may apply for readmission by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students to begin the appropriate paperwork at least 45 days prior to the semester you wish to return. Students who are returning from a College-initiated separation (academic or conduct) may have to demonstrate that the conditions of separation (if any) have been satisfied before readmission is granted. To review the form and the process, contact the Office of the Dean of Students for more information.

Academic Accommodations

Students who have a documented disability and plan to request accommodations are asked to contact the Syracuse University Center for Disability Resources to register for services. Students will be asked to submit the appropriate documentation directly to that office to determine what accommodations and/or services will become part of a student's Academic Adjustment Plan. The Center for Disability Resources will also work with students who:

  • may need short term accommodations due to health-related reasons
  • need assistance in determining whether an accommodation is warranted. (Please Note- there are additional fees for testing)

If you are not sure whether you have a need for accommodation and/or are not sure how to navigate this process, you are welcome to speak with a Student Affairs staff member at any time. The Office of the Dean of Students does not determine accommodations, but will assist the student, faculty/staff in navigating implementation of identified accommodations and services.

Student Absence Notification

When a student, family member, or faculty/staff member makes a request for or notification of a student’s temporary, short-term, or unknown length of time absence from the College due to illness, emergency, or other critical incident, the Office of the Dean of Students can provide appropriate notifications and support services as requested by the student and/or College community. ESF does not have an excused absence policy. Instructors have the discretion to set individual absence policies in their course syllabus. Please note that in some instances, documentation verifying absence may be requested. For more information, read more.