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Arsenault, Emily
Visiting Assistant Professor
256 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-6805
Briggs, Christopher, Instructor
PhD, University Of Nevada-Reno, 2011; MS, University Of Nevada-Reno, 2007; BS, Virginia Techate University, 2000;
135 Illick Hall
Caviness, Terrance
Advisor/Curriculum Assist/CLBS Assist Director
248 Illick Hall
Cohen, Jonathan, Associate Professor and Graduate Director
PhD, Virginia Techate University, 2005; MS, University Of Connecticut, 1998; BS, Cornell University, 1994; wildlife ecology and management, population and habitat ecology, threatened and endangered species
403 Illick Hall
Diemont, Stewart, Associate Professor
PhD, Ohio State University, 2006; MS, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hilll Hill, 1997; BA, The University Of Texas At Austin, 1991; systems ecology, ecological engineering, traditional ecological knowledge, Latin America, ecosystem restoration, sustainability analysis, natural wastewater treatment systems and re-use, less-developed countries, agroecology
460 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-4707
Dovciak, Martin, Associate Professor
PhD, University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2001; Plant Ecology, Forest Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Global Change,
459 Illick Hall
315-470-6743 | 315-470-6749
Downs, Cynthia, Assistant Professor
PhD, University Of Nevada-Reno, 2011; BS, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 2004; Animal Physiology, ecoimmunology, physiological trade-offs, organismal ecology, scaling, allometry, Ecological and evolutionary consequences of variation in physiological phenotypes
345 Illick Hall
Drew, Joshua, Assistant Professor
PhD, Boston University, 2008; MS, SUNY At Albany, 2000; BA, Drew University, 1998;
343 Illick Hall
Farrell, John, Professor and Director, Thousand Island Bio Station
PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 1998; MS, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 1991; BS, Cornell University, 1987; aquatic ecology, fisheries science & management, freshwater coastal wetlands, St. Lawrence River studies & Great Lakes, invasive species, restoration
250 Illick Hall
Fernando, Danilo, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Alberta, 1996; MS, University of The Philippines, 1986; BS, Benguet State University, 1983; plant structure and development, reproductive biology of conifers, pollen transformation, genomics and proteomics of pine pollen tube development, willow flowering and tissue culture, genetic diversity of rare and endangered ferns, and plant evolution, diversity and conservation.
461 Illick Hall
Fierke, Melissa, Professor
PhD, University Of Arkansas, 2006; MS, Oregon State University, 2002; BS, Arkansas Tech University, 1998; AA, North Arkansas College, 1988; forest entomology, forest ecology, invasive forest pests, insect-tree interactions, tree defenses
205 Illick Hall
315-470-6743 | 315-470-6809
Frair, Jacqueline, Professor and Director, Roosevelt Wildlife Station
PhD, University of Alberta, 2005; MS, University Of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 1999; BS, Cornell University, 1994; wildlife ecology and management, ecology of large herbivores and predators, animal movements, resource selection, population demography, quantitative methods in conservation, landscape ecology
257 Illick Hall
Gibbs, James, Distinguished Professor
PhD, Yale University, 1995; MA, University Of Missouri-Columbia, 1988; BS, University Of Maine, 1986; herpetology, vertebrate conservation biology, genetics and ecology in birds, reptiles and amphibians, songbirds, giant tortoise, statistics, wildlife population monitoring, galapagos islands, conservation biology, ecological monitoring, population genetics, applied demography, undergraduate conservation education
404 Illick Hall
Green, Hyatt, Associate Professor
PhD, Oregon State University, 2011; BS, University Of Georgia, 2005; molecular microbial ecology, eDNA, microbial water quality, microbial source-tracking, SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater, forest soil nitrification, Hg-methylation
241 Illick Hall
Gurarie, Eliezer, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Washingtonus, 2008; MS, Aix-Marseille University, 2000; BA, Case Western Reserve University, 1998; BS, Case Western Reserve University, 1998; Quantitative wildlife ecology, animal movements, spatial ecology, habitat use, behavior, cognition, population ecology, statistical methods, mathematical modeling, co-production of knowledge.
206 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-4831
Horton, Thomas, Visiting Professor Emeriti
PhD, University Of California-Berkeley, 1997; MA, San Francisco State University, 1992; BA, Humboldt State University, 1986; mycorrhizal plant ecology, molecular ecology, ecology, fungal communities, mycology, fire ecology
427 Illick Hall
Kavanagh, Danielle
Administrative Assistant 1
241 Illick Hall
Kimmerer, Robin, Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment
PhD, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 1982; MS, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 1978; BS, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 1975; plant restoration ecology, bryology, bryoecology, restoration ecology, ethnobotany, conservation biology and bryophyte ecology, traditional ecological knowledge
351 Illick Hall
Leopold, Donald, Distinguished Teaching Professor
PhD, Purdue University, 1984; MS, University Of Kentucky, 1981; BS, University Of Kentucky, 1978; forest and freshwater wetland ecology, conservation, and restoration, peatland ecology and conservation, local and regional controls of species richness and rarity, dynamics of plant communities as affected by man and environment, management for unique communities and rare species, dendrology, native plants, restoration ecology, rare species conservation
333 Illick Hall
Leydet, Brian, Assistant Professor
PhD, Louisiana State University & Agricultural & Mechan, 2014; MPH, University Of North Florida, 2009; infectious and vector-borne diseases, arthropods of veterinary and medical importance, vector biology, vector-pathogen-host interactions, disease ecology, molecular biology, epidemiology of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases
241 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-6942
Limburg, Karin, Distinguished Professor
PhD, Cornell University, 1994; MS, University Of Florida, 1981; BA, Vassar College, 1977; riverine fish and estuarine ecology, fisheries ecology, watershed ecology, systems ecology, ecological economics, fisheries and ecosystem science, coupled human-natural systems, biogeochemistry, fisheries ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemical tracers, modeling
249 Illick Hall
Lynch, Shannon
Assistant Professor
458 Illick Hall
McGee, Gregory, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director
PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 1998; MS, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 1993; BS, Allegheny College, 1987; ecology, management and restoration of forest ecosystems; STEM education
146 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-6792
Parry, Dylan, Associate Professor
PhD, Michigan State University, 2000; MS, University of Alberta, 1994; BS, University of Alberta, 1991; Biological invasion, climate change, and conservation, primarily in the context of insects in forested ecosystems.
109 Illick Hall
Powell, William, Director of the American Chestnut Research & Restoration Program
PhD, Utah State University, 1986; BS, Salisbury University, 1982; forest biotechnology, molecular plant-microbe interactions, genetic engineering in plant conservation, antimicrobial peptide design, plant gene design, plant pathology, molecular biology
319 Illick Hall
Razavi, Roxanne, Assistant Professor
PhD, Queen's University, 2014; ecotoxicology, limnology, environmental toxicology, mercury
207 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-6739
Rundell, Rebecca, Associate Professor
PhD, University Of Chicago, 2008; MS, University Of Chicago, 2004; BS, Cornell University, 1996; evolutionary biology, conservation biology, speciation, adaptive and nonadaptive radiations, biogeography, phylogenetics, systematics, Pacific island radiations and biodiversity conservation, land snails, marine/aquatic microscopic invertebrates
457 Illick Hall
Schulz, Kimberly, Associate Professor
PhD, University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 1996; BA, Cornell University, 1990; nutrient and exotic species effects on aquatic ecosystems, ecological stoichiometry, aquatic community and ecosystem ecology, bioenergetics, nutrient cycling, lower food web studies, great lakes, finger lakes, plankton, limnology, aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, invasive species
456 Illick Hall
Schummer, Michael, Senior Research Associate
PhD, University of Western Ontario, 2005; Waterfowl Ecology, Waterfowl Management, Waterfowl Conservation, Wetlands Management, Wetlands Conservation, Ornithology, Plant-Animal Associations, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Ecology, Wetlands Ecology, Wildlife-habitat relationships, ecology, climate change, human dimensions of wildlife, avian toxicology
226 Illick Hall
315-470-6743 | 315-470-4855
Sheehan, Kit
Advisor/Curriculum Assistant/CLBS Academic Program Coordinat
240 Illick Hall
Teale, Stephen, Professor and Interim Chair of Environmental Biology
PhD, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry And Forestry, 1990; MS, University Of Kansas, 1983; BAS, The College Of Saint Rose, 1980; forest entomology, insect behavior, pheromones of forest insects, insect ecology, pest management, chemical ecology, evolution of pheromone communications
151 or 242 Illick Hall
Weir, Alexander, Professor
PhD, University of New Castle Upon Tyne, 1997; BS, University of Bradford, 1986; conservation mycology, fungal biodiversity and conservation, fungal-arthropod interactions, biology of parasites and symbionts, systematics and evolutionary biology of fungi, fungi and humans, biology of parasites and symbionts
353 Illick Hall
Whipps, Christopher, Director, SUNY Center for Applied Microbiology and Professor
PhD, Oregon State University, 2004; BS, University of Victoria, 1997; fish parasites and diseases, wildlife diseases, parasitology, microbiology, taxonomy, molecular systematics, diagnostics, parasites as biological tags and ecological indicators, epidemiology and control of pathogens of ecological and veterinary importance, evolution and biology of disease causing organisms in animal populations using molecular systematics
133 Illick Hall
315-470-6760 | 315-470-4762


  • Kavanagh, Danielle, Administrative Assistant 1, Graduate Secretary
    242 Illick Hall, dekavana@esf.edu, 315-470-6760
  • Adams, Kim, Instructional Support Specialist, Director, Tree Pest Information Service
  • Ettinger, Terry, Instructional Support Specialist, Greenhouse Manager
  • McHale, Patrick, Instructional Support Specialist
  • Walker-Kopp, Nancy, Instructional Support Specialist

Visiting Instructors (AY 2021-2022)

  • David Bullis, GenBio (Fall), Genetics (Spring), SysEnto lab (Spring)
  • James Johnson, Non-major Biology (Spring)
  • Stephanie Johnson, Aquatic Ento (Fall), CompVertAnat (Spring)
  • Jamie Lamit, Freshwater Wetland Ecosystems (Spring)
  • Linda McGuigan, Plant Tissue Culture (Fall)
  • Jason Meany, Scuba (Fall & Spring)
  • Nancy Walker-Kopp, General Biology lab (Spring & Fall)

Affiliated Faculty & Researchers

  • Beier, Colin, Associate Professor, SRM
  • Drake, John, Assistant Professor, SRM
  • McNulty, Stacy, AEC Associate Director and Research Associate
  • Newhouse, Andrew, Research Staff and Assistant Director of the Chestnut Project
  • Quinn, Sam, Research Assistant
  • Rojas, Vanessa, Assistant Professor, Ranger School
  • Stella, John, Professor, SRM