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Analytical and Technical Services
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)


The Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ TQ ICP-MS is a brand-new triple quadrupole (TQ) ICP-MS capable of detection and quantification of most elements, from ppt to ppm levels. As in ICP-OES, an argon plasma evaporates solvent and vaporizes and atomizes the sample. Plasma conditions are optimized to ionize the sample. The ions are introduced into a mass analyzer which is capable of using both kinetic energy, and mass to charge ratio, for separation of the ions from the sample. The intensity of the ion signals is sequentially measured and converted to an elemental concentration via a calibration curve generated with certified standards. The triple quadrupole technology can provide interference removal capabilities superior to those of traditional quadrupole ICP-MS, leading to lower detection limits.

The ICP-MS is over 100 times as sensitive as our ICP-OES and therefore used for trace elements. * Typical analyses conducted on the ICP-MS include waters and biological samples. The technique is especially suited to analysis of As, Se, Pb, and Hg. Our customers include researchers from within ESF as well as other regional academic institutions, government agencies, and private enterprises. We gladly offer demos and presentations on ICP-MS for groups ranging from undergraduate classes to private sector groups. Operator training is offered on a limited basis.

Sample Submissions

Email to discuss your ICP-MS needs/projects. Samples must be in solution. *We can assist in experiment design and guidance but do not offer sample prep services.

Rate Schedule

Our current rates for ICP analysis are available here. Contact Deb Driscoll at or 315-470-4844 for information.