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Analytical and Technical Services
Micromechanical Repair and Experimental Apparatus Fabrication

Our micromachinist offers repair and refurbishing services for delicate, precision mechanical instruments and apparatus such as light microscopes, analytical balances, refractometers, microtomes, lenses, timers, valves, seals, sensors, and gauges.

Specialty services involving consultation, engineering design, and fabrication of experimental parts, mechanisms, and apparatus, or modifications to meet specific needs are readily available. Numerous one-of-a-kind creations not available commercially have been made. We endeavor to stock a wide array of fasteners and specialty materials (precious metals, plastics, Teflon®, etc.) for all purposes. A significant collection of specialty machining tools are at our disposal. Also included are specialty soldering and micro-brazing capabilities.

Our goal is to translate research needs and concepts into working hardware in the most feasible and economic manner.

Additional Service Information

Cost: Parts, supplies, and registration fee. Includes shipping charges and inventory overhead markups, if appropriate.