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Analytical and Technical Services
Instrument and Equipment Repair and Fabrication

Repair is provided to the entire college for a wide range of laboratory instrumentation and equipment, from sophisticated high-performance spectrometers (NMR, X-ray, ICP, AA, etc.) and chromatographs (HPLC, GPC, GC, etc.) to meters, recorders, and one-of-a-kind instruments.

A considerable portion of the workload also includes the engineering, design, and fabrication of new and unique experimental instrumentation or apparatus needed for the laboratory or the field.

Technical advice on instrumentation, equipment purchases, applications, and interfacing is available.

A wide variety of parts and supplies are stocked to support the teaching and research effort, including such items as bulbs, fuses, terminal connectors, wire, and an extensive assortment of Swagelok® and CAjON® connectors. If it's not here, it can and will be located. Older parts (such as many types of vacuum tubes and lamps) are also available.

Specialized service and repair is available for optical microscopes and analytical balances.

Assistance is available on a limited basis for vacuum pump/systems repair, service, and fabrication.

Additional Service Information

Cost: $10 service fee for all jobs. Parts and supplies extra. Includes shipping charges and inventory overhead markups, if appropriate.