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Analytical and Technical Services
Instrument and Equipment Repair and Fabrication


Our mission is to support the instructional and research needs of the ESF campus community by servicing or repairing analytical instrumentation in research and instructional labs in order to extend their useful lives; by designing or fabricating specialized research-scale instruments or apparatus; and by providing expert technical guidance to instructors and students in meeting course or research objectives. 

Not sure how to turn that concept into a working apparatus? Unfamiliar with materials of construction? We can guide, assist, and support you to specify and build your ideas into a functional and economical reality.


Repair services are provided to faculty and staff across the ESF campus in support of both Department and PI-led research laboratories. We can service a wide range of laboratory instrumentation and equipment, ranging from sophisticated high-performance spectrometers and chromatographs to bench-top or field-based meters, recorders, and sensors. Specialized service and repair are available for optical microscopes and analytical balances. Assistance is available on a limited basis for lab-based vacuum pump/system repair, service, and fabrication.

Consultation, design and fabrication services are available to instructors, investigators and students that need customized, innovative, or project-specific instrumentation, apparatus, materials or components that are otherwise not commercially available. A significant collection of specialty machining tools is available in the A&TS Fabrication Facility, including specialty soldering and micro-brazing capabilities. Our goal is to translate your concepts into reality in an economical and technically appropriate manner. 

We provide technical advice and guidance on purchasing specialty equipment, materials or supplies to meet your project-specific criteria. We can assist you with finding the best rates and the best suppliers for your project. A variety of parts and supplies are stocked to support the teaching and research effort, including items such as bulbs, fuses, terminal connectors, wire, and an extensive assortment of Swagelok® and CAjON® connectors. If it's not here, it can and will be located. Older parts and supplies, such as vacuum tubes and lamps, may be available. Just ask.

Examples of Customized Products and Services Offered by Kevin Guerin


A&TS recharge rates enable A&TS to maintain an inventory of supplies, tools and fabrication equipment to support your needs in a timely manner. 

Item Academic Instruction (ESF) ESF Research (RF-sponsored)
Project Setup Fee No charge $15
Supplies and Materials ordered by A&TS staff Recharged @ cost Recharged @ cost + 10%
Consultation, design, or repair No charge First hour: no charge
$25 per hour thereafter
Custom fabrication services performed by A&TS staff No charge $35 per hour

Rates are effective 1/1/2024 and are subject to change. Please confirm rates with A&TS staff prior to submitting budgets.

Discount Options

Qualified individuals that use the A&TS repair/fabrication facilities will be charged a Fabrication Facility fee of $10 per hour.

Collaborative research projects will be charged at 75% of the normal labor rate and are expected to include co-authorship on derivative publications or presentations.