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Office of Business Affairs
Graduate Student Travel

As a Graduate student at ESF, you may be required to travel as you complete your degree for field work, research and thesis work to remote locations, workshops or even to conferences for presentations. We strive to keep out-of-pocket costs for the student down and offer several options to help alleviate that, including: department NET cards for state funds, Research Fund Travel cards and a direct billing option through our travel agency, Direct Travel.

  • For the NET card portion, including a link to the NET card application policies and the Non-employee reimbursement form.
  • For the RF Travel card, including a copy of the RF Travel card application with directions to complete the form and have it signed, it will then be sent back to and will then be forwarded to ORP to approval. Once ORP approves, it will be sent to RF central and they will order the card and will reach out to the student for training and account setup.
  • Then for Direct Travel, if they are using RF funds, they can direct bill airfare, lodging, and even car rentals to the RF award using the BTI Form and Direct Travel will also take the legwork out of booking travel by finding the most cost-efficient options and what works best with their timeframes and booking for them.

Travel Card Information