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Office of Business Affairs
Direct Deposits

NY State Employees


Direct Deposit

Employees who are not already using the direct deposit option are encouraged to sign up for it. Direct deposit provides you with the benefit of receiving your paycheck automatically on days that you are not in the office. On payday, your earnings would be electronically transferred into selected checking and/or savings account(s) ready for your immediate use. Nationally, more than 90 million workers participate in direct deposit programs. The process gives you easy access to your paycheck, especially on those pay days when you are on vacation, out of the office due to illness, out of town for meetings or those times you just do not feel like going to the bank. Signing up for direct deposit is easy. Complete the enrollment form and forward it to the payroll department @ 119 Bray Hall. You also need to submit a voided personal check with the form if you are planning to deposit your paycheck into a checking account. If you are planning to deposit into a savings account then you need to have a representative from your financial institution sign the form in Section C.

Opting Out of Receiving Paystubs

It is highly encouraged that you opt out of receiving paper paystubs/direct deposit advices. The New York State Office of State Comptroller (OSC) implemented a service to facilitate this, NYS Payroll Online  This service reduces the amount of paper generated from a bi-weekly payroll and offers additional services for you to utilize. You must always access this service through the SUNY PORTAL. The link to NYS Payroll Online is under the Self Service options. This is not an option for student employees (both Graduate and Undergraduate).

Research Foundation Employees

Register for Direct Deposit through RF Self – Service.