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Office of Business Affairs
Adding an Electronic Signature with Adobe Reader

If you haven’t created an electronic/digital tracking signature: The 1st time you open a document that needs an electronic/digital signature, you’ll have to actually create your signature. Once that is done, you’ll use your electronic signature that is saved in your documents for future use.

NOTE: You’ll always need your password to access your signature once created.


  1. Open Adobe Reader DC and select “See All Tools”
  2. Open “Certificates”
  3. Find the PDF file that you want to add your signature to
  4. Open the document and click on “Digitally Sign”
  5. Follow the instructions in the pop up by clicking “OK”
  6. Move your curser to the area on which it needs your signature
  7. Create a signature block area on which to insert your signature. Follow the instructions in the pop up by clicking “Configure Digital ID”
    1. If you are creating a digital signature for the first time, click on “Create a new Digital ID”
    2. Click “Continue” and Save to a File (this is where you would house your signature for future use. Be sure you know what folder you’re saving your signature in for future use)
    3. Complete the information within this section
    4. Once you create your signature, for all future electronic/digital signatures, click on “Use a Digital ID from a file” where you would then find where your signature is housed within your computer
  8. Once you have your signature on file, you can add your signature to any file that requires a digital signature by selecting your signature from the file/folder where you have it saved
  9. Click on “Configure Digital ID”
  10. Click “Use a Digital ID from a file” and “Continue”
  11. Find the File that has your digital signature ID and enter your ID password
  12. Click “Continue”
  13. Follow the instructions to find the file and choose the Digital ID File to insert your digital signature within the form.
  14. Click “Continue”
  15. Enter your password again
  16. Click “Sign”
  17. Save the document with a new file name. This is important if you’re using a form that others will also be using. That way, the original document will not be modified with your signature within it.
  18. If a second signature is required, forward this document to the next person so they can add their signature.