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ESF Academic Catalog
Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation (A.A.S.)

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The environmental and natural resources conservation program provides students with the scientific theory and applied skills necessary for a technical career in the environmental and natural resources sector. This program will provide students with a solid grounding in applied ecological and sociopolitical concepts, accompanied by technical training in plant and tree identification, land surveying, natural resources measurements, geospatial applications, soil and water monitoring, wildlife techniques and forest recreation.

Students interested in a baccalaureate degree should investigate programs in the Environmental Biology, Environmental Studies or the Sustainable Resources Management departments. Transfer is possible upon completion of the A.A.S. degree at Wanakena. Students should consult with an advisor in the Undergraduate Admissions office as soon as possible. 

The freshman year environmental and natural resources conservation curriculum consists of general studies courses which may be taken at any accredited four-year, community, or agricultural college, or college of technology.

First Year Required Courses

Course Codes* Credits
General Biology with lab   4
Science Course with lab (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)   4
English with a Focus on Writing (Two 3-credit courses)   6
Trigonometry or pre-calculus (1 course)   3
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice   3
Total Maximum Transfer Credits   20


Second Year Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
FTC 200 Dendrology 3
FTC 202 Intro To Surveying 3
FTC 204 Intro/Nat Res Measurements 4
FTC 206 Forest Ecology 4
FTC 207 Communications and Safety 3
FTC 208 Remote Sensing and GIS 3
FTC 210 Wildlife Techniques 1 1
FTC 211 Silviculture 3
FTC 212 Adirondack Cultural Ecology 1
FTC 219 Intro to Forest Recreation 1
FTC 221 Natural Resources Management 3
FTC 234 Wildlife Conservation 3
FTC 236 Env Interp Principles&Technque 3
FTC 237 Intro/Water & Soil Resources 4
FTC 238 Forest Insects and Disease 3
FTC 239 GIS Practicum 1
FTC 240 Wildlife Techniques 2 1

Total Minimum Credits for Degree: 64