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ESF Academic Catalog
Forest Technology (A.A.S.)

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A degree in Forest Technology provides students with knowledge of the field practice of forest management, the ability to work and communicate effectively with professional and paraprofessional personnel, and an understanding of the physical, biological and quantitative aspects that form the basis of forestry. The educational program in forest technology, leading to the associate of applied science degree in forest technology, is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF).

The first year required courses are completed at a college of the student's choice.

First Year Required Courses

Course Codes* Credits
General Biology with lab   4
Science Course with lab (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)   4
English with a Focus on Writing (Two 3-credit courses)   6
Trigonometry or pre-calculus (1 course)   3
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice   3
Total Maximum Transfer Credits   20


Second Year Required Courses

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
FTC 200 Dendrology 3
FTC 202 Intro To Surveying 3
FTC 204 Intro/Nat Res Measurements 4
FTC 206 Forest Ecology 4
FTC 207 Communications and Safety 3
FTC 208 Remote Sensing and GIS 3
FTC 209 Timber Harvesting 2
FTC 211 Silviculture 3
FTC 213 For Inventory Practicum 2
FTC 214 Leadership & Orgnztnl Perfrmnc 2
FTC 217 Wildland Firefighting & Ecol 2
FTC 219 Intro to Forest Recreation 1
FTC 221 Natural Resources Management 3
FTC 225 Timber Transportn&Utilization 2
FTC 234 Wildlife Conservation 3
FTC 238 Forest Insects and Disease 3
FTC 239 GIS Practicum 1

Total Minimum Credits For Degree: 64