Main Page for FCH 361 (Physical Chemistry II)

Theodore Dibble (x6596)


First Announcement for Spring 2020:     Welcome to Physical Chemistry II (FCH 361)! This page has been updated for Spring 2020 (as of January 13). I look forward to helping you learn this challenging material. A few logistical items:

  1. You will need a copy of the 8th or 9th edition of Physical Chemistry by Atkins and de Paula. I strongly recommend the student solutions manual for the corresponding edition of the textbook.
  2. Most information for the course will be found from this web page (see below).
  3. Answers to Exams and Homework Problems and Exercises will be posted to the Blackboard site for the course, except for some Exercises that are taken from the textbook. Answers to these are provided in the Student Solutions Manual that accompanies the textbook.
  4. Future announcements will be sent to your email address!