Abstract and Contents

"Globalisation and Environmental Governance"
Special issue of Global Environmental Change

David A. Sonnenfeld, ed.

Vol. 18, No. 3, August 2008, Elsevier


Rapid acceleration of global flows of natural resources and manufactured goods have been accompanied by escalation of global warming, increasing scarcity of clean air and water, and growing trafficking in toxic wastes. In this symposium, several renowned social scientists offer empirically- and theoretically-based insights on the nature of these transnational environmental flows, their social and environmental impacts, and the development of political processes and institutions to address them. A prominent environmental sociologist responds with a commentary on the challenges and opportunities for global environmental governance in the 21st century.


Globalisation and Environmental Governance: Is Another World Possible? [full text]

David A. Sonnenfeld, State University of New York, USA


Governance, Flows, and the End of the Car System?

John Urry, Lancaster University, UK

Greening Global Consumption: Redefining Politics and Authority

Gert Spaargaren and Arthur P.J. Mol, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Pioneer Countries and the Global Diffusion of Environmental Innovations. Theses from the Viewpoint of Ecological Modernisation Theory

Joseph Huber, Martin Luther University, Germany

Governing the Global Commons: Linking Carbon Storage and Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Forests

David O'Connor, United Nations, NY


Challenges and Opportunities for Global Environmental Governance in the 21st Century

J. Timmons Roberts, College of William and Mary, USA

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