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Department of Environmental Studies

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Faculty and Staff


Cousins, Joshua, Assistant Professor
PHD, University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2016; environmental policy and governance, social and political dimensions of water, political ecology, political economy of water, green infrastructure, science and technology studies, political ecology, urban sustainability
Dann, Shari, Associate Professor
BS, Cornell University, 1983; MS, Cornell University, 1985; PHD, Michigan State University, 1993; Environmental education and interpretation; Place Based Education; conservation and natural resource education; science learning for K-12, non-formal, and adult programs; education for participatory natural resource stewardship and civic engagement; community engagement for conservation and land/watershed stewardship
Hart, Rebecca, Administrative Assistant 1
Hirsch, Paul, Associate Professor
BS, Cornell University, 1994; MS, University Of Georgia, 2003; PHD, Georgia Institute Of Technology-Main Campus, 2008; integrative thinking and problem-solving, water planning, biodiversity conservation, science-policy interface, environmental thought and ethics, policy analysis, public participation and decision-making, environmental valuation, complexity, participant-observation and survey methods, discourse analysis, environmental policy, climate governance, policy science divide
Kayira, Jean, Associate Professor
BED, University of Malawi, 1991; MA, Clark University, 2004; PHD, University of Saskatchewan, 2013; Indigenous knowledge systems, food sovereignty, decolonizing and Indigenous research methodologies, community-based research, youth participatory action research, climate change education, and culturally responsive & equitable evaluation
Kohl, Patrice, Assistant Professor
BA, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004; MA, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013; PHD, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 2018; science and environmental communication; journalism; scientists and public engagement; public perceptions, attitudes and behavioural intentions. Primarily use quantitative, survey and experimental research methods. Study public perceptions and communication in relation to subjects such as climate change, invasive species, use of advanced genetic engineering tools in conservation, space junk
Lee, Eun Kyung, Assistant Professor
BA, Minnesota State University-Moorhead, 2010; MPH, Tufts University, 2014; PHD, SUNY At Albany, 2019; Environmental health inequities and environmental justice; place-based disparities; racial and socio-economic disparities; chronic disease prevention; food systems; causal inference and mixed methods; community-level interventions and public policy.
Limpert, Christina, Instructor
PHD, Syracuse University, 2013; Gender, schooling, and popular culture, urban community engagement and advocacy, youth climate activism, ethnographic and participatory action research, environmental cinema studies, environmental dimensions of violence and militarization, social media and public perceptions of environmental threats and ecosystem health
Luzadis, Valerie, Professor
BS, Cornell University, 1983; MS, Cornell University, 1990; PHD, SUNY College Of Environmental Science And Forestry, 1997; ecological economics, ecosystem services, policy, social and recreational dimensions, forest management for renewable energy, watershed management, natural resources policy and values, sustainable development, renewable energy, participatory decision-making
Mikulewicz, Michael, Assistant Professor
BA, University of Aberdeen, 2010; MS, California State University-Fullerton, 2012; PHD, University of Manchester, 2018; critical human geography, climate justice, international climate policy & governance, adaptation, resilience & vulnerability, environmental justice, urban sustainability, international development, political ecology, agriculture in the Majority World, critical theory incl. (eco-)feminism, queer theory, neo-Marxism, postcolonial theory), intersectionality, LGBTQ+ studies, participatory methods
Moran, Sharon, Associate Professor
BA, Boston University, 1981; MS, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, 1989; PHD, Clark University, 2000; environmental policy, human dimensions of water/wastewater issues, political ecology, environment-society relations, green and innovative technologies, environmental issues in post-communist countries, qualitative research methods, gender and nature, sustainability indicators, emergent technologies, environmental justice, ethical frameworks in public policy
Nyblade, Madeline, Assistant Professor
BS, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, 2018; PHD, University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2023; Water justice; community-based participatory research; climate and landcover change impacts and adaptation; Indigenous Nation - University collaborations; research ethics; critical history of earth science
Parker, Andrea, Associate Professor
BS, Michigan State University, 2003; MS, Texas A&M University, 2006; PHD, Texas A&M University, 2010; environmental communication; science and technology communication; wildlife conservation and policy; climate change mitigation and adaptation discourse and decision-making; environmental advocacy; environmental and natural resources conflict management; qualitative and critical methods; program evaluation methods; conflict; public participation; energy;wildlife management
Selfa, Theresa, Professor and Chair
BA, Whitman College, 1984; MCP, University Of California-Berkeley, 1992; PHD, Cornell University, 2001; Environmental Governance; Politics of Agri-Food and Energy Systems; Livelihood Impacts of Land Use Change; International Development and Social Change; Environmental Certification and Labelling; Latin America and US
Shinn, Jamie, Assistant Professor
BA, Colorado College, 2004; MA, University Of Kansas Main Campus, 2010; PHD, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, 2015; Environmental governance and policy, climate change adaptation, water-society relationships, flooding, political ecology, disaster response and recovery
Smardon, Richard, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
BS, University Of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1970; MLA, University Of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1973; wetland assessment and management, landscape management policy, public participation and decision-making, sustainable development, eco-tourism, biosphere reserve management
Sonnenfeld, David, Emeritus
BA, University Of Oregon, 1973; MA, University Of California-Santa Cruz, 1991; PHD, University Of California-Santa Cruz, 1996; environmental sociology; comparative environmental politics; sustainable transitions; water governance; East and Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean; field, historical and mixed research methods
214 Baker Laboratory
Weiss, Jill, Assistant Professor
BS, New York University, 2003; PHD, Antioch New England Graduate School, 2016; Socio-ecological systems, co-adaptive management, collaboration and trust, knowledge transfer, communities of practice and social networks, communication theories, landscape ecology, recreation governance and ethics, environmental education, conservation behaviors and psychologies, organizational management, strategic planning, and assessment. Subjects: stewardship, large contiguous bioregions, alpine zone, trail systems, public open space, bikes, urban forestry. Methods: Surveys, interviews, mixed method approaches, case studies, grounded theory, participatory action research.
Whitmore, Benette, Assistant Professor
BA, Queen's University, 1977; MA, Syracuse University, 1980; PHD, Syracuse University, 2011; digital storytelling, filmmaking, screenwriting, creative responses to the environment, public relations management, science education