Abstract and Contents

"Communities, Natural Resources, and Environments"
Special issue of Local Environment

David A. Sonnenfeld and Stewart Lockie, eds.

Vol. 13, No. 5, July 2008, Routledge


Community participation in natural resource and environmental management has enjoyed decades of widespread recognition. Participatory approaches have been seen as ways to make scarce resources go further, and to make more people more accountable for environmental outcomes. Viability of participatory programs has been challenged, however, by increasing social mobility as a result of globalisation, economic development and migration, and the impact of this mobility on the integrity of local social networks and quality of local knowledge; marginalisation of potential participants in sustainable natural resource management from resource access and property rights; and limited capacity of state institutions to develop partnership-based approaches to natural resource management within territories where their influence is tenuous. Contributions to this symposium address such challenges through analyses of the experience of community-based management of forest, fishery, and groundwater resources in a variety of sub-Saharan African, and South and East Asian locations.

Keywords: community participation, natural resource governance, sustainability, Africa, Asia

Guest Editorial

Communities, Natural Resources, and Environments: African and Asian Experiences [full text]

Stewart Lockie, Central Queensland University, & David A. Sonnenfeld, State University of New York


State-Community Interactions

Institutional Configurations Around Forest Reserves in Zimbabwe: The Challenge of Nested Institutions for Resource Management

Frank Matose, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Prospects for Enhancing Livelihoods, Communities, and Biodiversity in Africa through Community-Based Forest Management: A Critical Analysis

Robert E. Mazur & Oleg V. Stakhanov, Iowa State University, USA

Social Mobility, New Networks, and Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge and Fisheries Resource Management: A Study Among Riverine Fishing Communities in Kerala, India

Sunil D. Santha, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Hanging in Balance: Benefit Sharing in Community-Based Fishery Resource Management in the Lower Mekong Basin

Le Nguyet Minh, Oxfam America, East Asia Regional Office, Cambodia

Groundwater Management in Rice Terraces: A Case Study of a Lakeside Community in Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Sanae Yamamoto, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Resource Access and Property Rights

Gender Roles and Practices in Natural Resource Management in the North West Province of Cameroon

Lotsmart Fonjong, University of Buea, Cameroon

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