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Office of Development
Newly Established Funds

Extraordinary Aid Fund: ESF's Extraordinary Aid Fund supports the growing demand for financial aid as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many college students and their families, COVID-19 caused an unanticipated financial burden that may affect their ability to complete their education. With the help of your gift, we can make sure that finances do not stand in the way of our students' journeys at ESF.

Jared M. Fearby Scholarship Fund: Provides a scholarship for an undergraduate student in EFB who is studying Conservation Biology, is in good academic standing, and has financial need. This fund was created to honor the memory of Jared Fearby, an ESF student who tragically died in a fishing accident.

Arne I. Thomsson '50 Scholarship: Provides unrestricted scholarship support.

Maegan E. Spindler Scholarship: Provides a scholarship for an ESF Graduate student studying aquatic and fisheries science. Maegan Spindler was a 2010 Wildlife Science graduate and aspired to become a fisheries biologist. She was killed in 2013 by a drunk driver in South Dakota while on duty with the US Fish & Wildlife Service along with her supervisor. This fund was established in her memory by her parents.

Shastri Graduate Award: Awarded to a graduate student in the Paper and Bioprocess Engineering department who demonstrates the values of dedication and excellence in the pursuit of academic study.

Ichor Therapeutics Scholarship: Provides academic year scholarship support to enrolled ESF graduate students conducting thesis research projects at Ichor under the direction of an ESF faculty member.

The second orchard is dedicated to mixed crops.

Every ESF student should have the opportunity to complete their education.

Now, more than ever, ESF students need your support. Many are facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, and a scholarship can be the reason they are able to continue their education.

The ESF College Foundation provides direct relief to our students through scholarships, including our newest option: the Extraordinary Aid Fund, supported by a matching gift. Sam and Carol Nappi of Jamesville, New York, have generously committed to matching the first $100,000 donated to the EAF - dollar-for-dollar. 

Together, we can ensure all our students achieve their dreams, earn their ESF degrees, and have a chance to become the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

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