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Exceptional Achievement in Teaching

ESF College Foundation Award for Exceptional Achievement in Teaching

The Foundation Award was established in 1999 to celebrate the accomplishments of ESF faculty who excel at the art of teaching. Recipients are selected by a committee of faculty peers that is organized by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Foundation provides winners with a personalized framed citation and a cash award of $1,000. A plaque displayed in Bray Rotunda lists the names of all recipients.

Award recipients

2020 – Mark Teece

2019 – Douglas J. Daley, ERE

2018 – Dr. John Wagner, FNRM

2017 – Prof. Martin Hogue

2016 – Dr. Stewart Diemont

2015 – Prof. Paul Crovella, FNRM

2014 – Dr. Gary Scott, PBE

2013 – Prof. Anthony Miller, LA

2012 – Dr. William Shields, EFB

2011 – Dr. Robert Malmsheimer, FNRM

2010 – Dr. Lindi Quackenbush, ERE

2009 – Prof. Ken Tiss, CMWPE

2007 – Dr. Robin Kimmerer, EFB

2006 – Dr. James Gibbs, EFB and Dr. Mark Teece, CHE

2004 – Dr. Charles Kroll, ERFEG

2003 – Dr. Stephen Stehman, FNRM

2001 – Richard Sage, Jr., AEC

2001 - Dr. Charles Hall, EFB

2000 - Prof. Cheryl Doble, LA

1999 - Dr. Donald Leopold, EFB