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The Restoration Science Center will support a hands-on transdisciplinary restoration program to regain ecological function from degraded systems, restore threatened and endangered species, and rebuild our cultural relationships with the land using adaptive methodology and science.

restored wetland

Photo: Restored wetland complex on a St. Lawrence River Tributary.


Our vision is for the RSC to be a global center for restoration science. Our students and scientists will work side-by-side and with research partners and communities to test, develop, and apply novel technologies to restoration projects, while drawing on indigenous knowledge and land stewardship practices.

Don Leopold teaching students

Photo: Professor Don Leopold teaching students in the "Topics in Private Lands Conservation" course, where students develop conservation and land management plans to promote biodiversity on private lands.

Where We Stand

ESF is located on the original territory of the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, Confederacy. The college's main campus, its Heiberg Forest and its Lafayette Road Experiment Station are all within the Land Rights Action of the Onondaga Nation.

The Onondaga Nation maintains its own distinct government, language and customs based on a smaller portion of its original land base located south of Syracuse.