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ESOL CenterEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages

The ESOL Center is a free student service that provides language support and cultural orientation to multilingual students and scholars. We also serve as a resource for international education to students, faculty, and staff.

Undergraduate and graduate students whose home language is not English are invited to take advantage of the free tutorial services and other offerings at the ESOL Center. This semester, faculty members who specialize in teaching ESOL, a trained graduate student, and ESF student conversation partners will help multilingual students achieve success both personally and in their courses across the curriculum.

The ESOL Center is offering both online and face-to-face tutoring during the spring 2021 semester. To make appointments please visit: https://esf.mywconline.com/ and register a new account. From the pull-down menu located at the top of the screen, choose "ESOL Spring2021," and from there access the tutoring schedule for the ESOL Center.

Our Goals

The ESOL Center is the hub for an array of services: language tutoring, conversation groups, pronunciation workshops, professional consultations, and a conversation partner program. These offerings aim to meet the following goals:

  • Provide comprehensive English language support to multilingual students and scholars
  • Provide students at ESF with the cultural knowledge and awareness needed to succeed socially and academically
  • Provide consultation to faculty and staff regarding teaching in multicultural settings

What We Offer

  • Conversation Group (Tuesdays via Zoom, 11 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.): This informal drop-in class gives multilingual students the opportunity to practice English language and conversation skills. The topics include culture and cultural differences, American traditions, language used in everyday and academic conversations, vocabulary development, current events, and social issues. Please email Ms. Jenny Hok by 11 a.m. for access to the class on Zoom.
  • Pronunciation Workshops (by appointment at https://esf.mywconline.com): These on-demand individual communication workshops provide students and scholars with the opportunity to learn the rules for speaking American English clearly, get feedback on pronunciation, and practice speaking.
  • Language Tutoring (by appointment at https://esf.mywconline.com): Individual tutoring sessions support graduate and undergraduate students seeking to improve their writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
  • Graduate Level Conversation Group (Thursdays via Zoom, 11 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.): This informal drop-in class is designed for multilingual students seeking to improve their scholarly communication skills. The emphasis is on contemporary arguments about issues surrounding environmental topics. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions, or just document the course of a scholarly discussion and report on how conversations between scholars in the environmental field develop. Please email Dr. Nino Jakhaia by 11 a.m. for access to the class on Zoom.
  • Conversation Partners: Multilingual students can request a conversation partner to help them improve their speaking skills, share their viewpoints and background, and learn about American culture. As peers, both partners can learn new cultural perspectives while one student is learning and practicing English in a conversational setting. Please email Dr. Nino Jakhaia to request a conversation partner.

Contact Information

Nino Jakhaia, Ph.D.
Director, ESOL Center
Lecturer, SUNY ESF


professor and students


220A Bray Hall

Fall 2020 Hours:

  • Monday: 9 - 4
  • Tuesday: 9 - 4
  • Wednesday: 9 - 4
  • Thursday: 9 - 4
  • Friday: 10 - 3