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Tutor Intern Application

Return application materials to Moon 13A, or email materials to Jacob Gedetsis,

Intern Position Description

Intern Tutors do not need to have previous experience
tutoring but should have completed two writing courses at ESF. Potential tutors must fill out an application and include a writing sample to be reviewed by the Writing Center Coordinator (who reports to the Writing Rhetoric and Communication Program Director). Applications are reviewed by both the Coordinator and the Director.

Applications are Nov. 15 for tutoring in the Spring semester and due on April 12th for tutoring in the fall semester. During your intern semester, you will be enrolled in EWP 401. The 3-credit course meets for one hour a week of course discussion (time dependent on intern schedules).  Additionally, interns are required to hold between 4-6 hours a week of tutoring hours. Following the internship semester, students are eligible
to become Paid Tutors (13/hr for 4-6 hours a week).

In order to apply, please include a short cover letter that details your interest and/or experience as a tutor and peer mentor. Include one sample of your academic writing, preferably copies that show your professor’s comments. These papers will not be returned. Please also include your class schedule (for the semester you intend to be a tutor).

Your cover letter should include the following information:

  • Name, class year, major/minor
  • Contact information
  •  Identify the languages you speak and write, as well as your proficiency.
  •  Reflect on your experiences as a student. What are your strengths and weaknesses 
    as a writer?
  •  Identify and comment on your tutoring or teaching experience. Summarize the skill set you bring to the WRC.
  • The WRC is a Community of Practice. Briefly reflect on your ability to create an open and engaged environment.
  • Identify the kind of tutoring situations you are most comfortable. Would you be willing to tutor students beyond the one-to-one setting? (workshops, online tutoring, classroom visits)
  • References: List the names of faculty members who could comment on your writing and your academic ability. No letters are required now. I will get in touch with your references if I need information.