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Environmental Storytelling Series

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Coordinated by SU’s Engaged Humanities Network and SUNY ESF's Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications Program, this annual series of events, programs, and courses brings together scholars, teachers, students, artists and community leaders to deepen our understandings of and strengthen our responses to the impacts of the climate crisis on Central New York and interconnected ecosystems around the world. The series utilizes the best of scientific expertise, artistic expression, and humanistic interpretation in pursuit of mutual understanding and collective action.

This series has three overarching goals:

  1. to demonstrate how environmental issues are always intertwined with social, economic, and cultural issues
  2. to show how storytelling across media (photography, poetry, film, fashion, music, etc.) can help us pursue environmental justice in ways that science alone cannot; and
  3. to use storytelling as a way to encourage interaction and collective action across communities in Syracuse and CNY.

We produce issue-based learning guides associated with every featured storyteller and event to encourage creative work and engagement beyond single meetings.