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WRC Services for Faculty

What ESF’s Writing Resource Center Offers for Faculty/Staff

SUNY ESF's Writing Resource Center (WRC) is a free service designed to support the development of undergraduate students' personal, academic, and professional writing skills. WRC tutors work with students in individualized 25- or 50-minute interactive sessions focused on brainstorming, organization, drafting, and/or revising among other writing related tasks. We also provide tutor-led writing workshop groups and the opportunity for students to schedule recurring appointments with a specific tutor. 

Beyond this, we also offer curated services for ESF faculty and staff: 

Add us to your syllabus! The Writing Resource Center (WRC): WRC peer tutors work with students in individualized 25 or 50-minute interactive sessions focused on brainstorming, organization, drafting, revising, as well as other writing-related tasks. Make appointments online. Both online and in-person appointments are available throughout the semester. Instructions for making an appointment.  If you have questions about tutoring, or are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Jacob Gedetsis, the Writing Resources Coordinator, at

Send Us Your Assignments and Rubrics: To best prepare our Tutors to work with your students, it is helpful for us to read your expectations for specific assignments. Assignments and rubrics can be sent over email to, or we can meet with you individually to discuss. 

Develop Course-Specific Writing Guides: Our tutors and staff can work with you and your TAs to develop rubrics and compile resources specific to your course. This could include Research Guides hosted on Moon library’s website, handouts for class, and guides to be used by Tutors when working with your students. 

Host TA Office Hours: Sometimes it can be difficult for TAs to find space to meet with students. We’ve found that it can be helpful for TAs to host office hours at the Writing Resource Center, often before a big assignment. This way, they can pass students off to Tutors if needed and utilize WRC resources. 

Track Student Engagement: If requested, we can track course-specific Writing Center appointments to inform you which students attended the Writing Center for your assignments, for how long, and how often. We can also keep track of which questions students come in with for your assignments. Professors have found this useful when grading and gauging performance.

Extra-Credit Opportunities: Professors often incentivize students’ engagement with the Writing Center through extra-credit. We just ask that you let us know when you offer extra-credit opportunities for specific assignments and provide us with the assignment rubrics, so we can make sure we’re providing students with the best guidance. 

Class Presentations and Workshops: The WRC coordinator and peer tutors can come to your class to promote services and provide course-specific writing workshops and presentations. 

TA Pedagogy + Writing Feedback Workshops: The WRC Coordinator can provide workshops and materials on how to provide feedback on writing assignments and pedagogical approaches for equitable writing practices. 

Encourage Writing Groups: We are happy to provide graduate or undergraduate students with dedicated space in the WRC for weekly or bi-weekly writing groups. We can assign tutors to these groups and/or provide them with requested resources.