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Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) is a community of practice where students can come together to develop their writing skills and work on the shared craft of writing. Writing is a craft that can be refined through practice, and the WRC provides a structure and space were people can come together to practice their writing as a social endeavor. The WRC can be your writing community where you can reflect on ideas, identify your audience, refine your argument, and revise your writing until you are satisfied. The tutors in the writing center look forward to supporting your work at ESF!

WRC tutors work with students in individualized 25- or 50-minute interactive sessions focused on brainstorming, organization, drafting, and/or revising among other writing related tasks. Our mission is to help writers succeed in a strong ESF writing community. 

Follow us @esfwrc for information on workshops, videos, writing conferences, tips and events!

Intro to ESF's Writing Resource Center

In this short introductory video students at SUNY ESF learn a little about ESF's writing center and how to make (and attend!) an online appointment with a tutor.


The WRC primarily serves currently enrolled ESF undergraduates. Requests from other ESF populations (including grads and PhD students) will be accepted on a limited basis. Additional ESF populations should contact the WRC coordinator first before making an appointment at

Book Appointments

In order to secure an appointment, please go to and create an account. Select a time and schedule an appointment. Check your email for a confirmation note from the scheduling system.

Our hours of operation are also posted outside the Writing Center. If a tutor is available, you may drop in for a session. Descriptions of tutor's writing experience can be found at the bottom of this page.

Students can access online tutoring sessions by logging into the schedule about 5 minutes before their session, opening their appointment block, and clicking "Start or Join Online Consultation" (text in red in the center of the window). Importantly, students do not need audio or visual capabilities on their computer (though those options are available); the session can take place through text in a shared chat bar if those options are not available.


What You Can Expect in a Tutoring Session

Writing tutors are experienced and accomplished writers who can help you develop writing skills. Here are a few examples of writing session goals and what tutors can do to encourage the development of your writing skills.

  • Learn how to examine a variety of purposes, audiences, formats and structures of writing tasks.
  • Help you understand class assignment expectations. 
  • Encourage you to brainstorm and think through different approaches to writing.
  • Identify and correct problems in all stages of your writing process.
  • Assist with organization and format. 

Teach grammar and proofreading strategies as related to specific texts and assignments. 

Please note that tutors are not in a position to formally edit your papers and you should always take time to discuss your assignments with professors and TAs.

Apply to be a Tutor

Are you interested in becoming a tutor? To apply, please download the document below and submit to the Coordinator. Tutors work 4-6 hours per week in the writing, attend a 1-hour class per week (EWP401), and participate in multiple professional training opportunities across campus. For more information about to the tutor internship program, stop by the WRC and speak with the Coordinator.


Faculty Requests for WRC Services 

We welcome students working on specific class assignments and group projects. In order to accommodate faculty requests, please contact the Coordinator to share assignments, suggest training for tutors, and schedule classroom visits.


We have trained graduate and undergraduate tutors who provide support to students in all stages of the writing process. We support a variety of writing practices, including lab reports, essays, memos, reflections, reports, job applications, cover letters, and resumes.

Headshot of Jacob Gedetsis

Jacob Gedetsis

Writing Center Coordinator & Lecturer


A headshot of Shannon Dunn. She is giving a soft smile. Her hair is brown and pulled back. She is wearing thin-framed glasses and a brown sweater with autumn leaves on it.

Shannon Dunn
Academic Year:
Major: Environmental Science
Area of Expertise: Research writing, grammar, brainstorming, organization, analyses, scientific writing

A headshot of Grace Bedford. She is wearing a green SUNY ESF crew neck and purple glasses. She has brown hair to her shoulders. She is smiling with her teeth.

Grace Bedford
Academic Year:
Major: Conservation Biology
Area of Expertise: Creative writing, critical and literary analysis, poetry, and research papers

A headshot of Ivy Ven Roy. She is wearing a striped sweater and glasses. Her hair is long and strawberry blonde. She is smiling with her teeth.

Ivy Ven Roy
Academic Year:
Major: Environmental Studies
Area of Expertise: Organization, grammar, persuasive writing, creative writing, presentations


a headshot of Julia. She is wearing a red sweater. She has wavy dark brown hair. Julia is smiling with her teeth. She is inside in front of a beige and yellow wall.

Julia Baumann
Academic Year: Senior
Major: Conservation Biology
Areas of Expertise: Persuasive writing, grammar, reflections and organization.

A headshot of Christopher Emerson. He is wearing a black shirt and a black hat. He is crouching at the top of a canyon. He is smiling with his teeth.

Christopher Emerson
Academic Year: Junior
Major: Forest Resource Management
Areas of Expertise: Grammar, syntax, critical analysis, source selection, mind mapping, narrative building


A headshot of Christopher. Christopher is wearing a grey sweater. Christopher has short brown hair. Christopher is smiling.

Christopher Goetz
Academic Year: Senior
Major: Conservation Biology
Minor: Environmental Writing and Rhetoric
Area of Expertise: Essay planning, narrative structure, research writing, critical reading, personal reflection

A headshot of Allie Kopinski. She is wearing a blue tank top. She has brown curly hair. She is standing in front of trees. She is smiling with her teeth.

Allie Kopinski
Academic Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Science
Area of Expertise: Organization, research writing, planning, lab reports, citations

A headshot of Sophia. She is wearing a white t-shirt with a square pink, yellow, and blue design. She has a sweater on. Sophia has blonde curly hair. She is smiling with her teeth.

Sophia Lawrence
Academic Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Studies
Area of Expertise: Brainstorming, organizing paper, Literary Analysis, Academic Writing, Creative Writing

A headshot of Allison LeClair. Allison is smiling with their hands behind their back. Allison has red hair with bangs and is wearing a black sweater with a bolo tie.

Allison LeClair
Academic Year: Second Year
Major: Biotechnology
Area of Expertise: Planning papers, working with sources, presentations, research writing


A headshot of Abbey Leibert. She is wearing a white tank top and a white-and-brown patterned sweater. She has long, blond hair. She is standing in front of trees. She is smiling with her teeth.

Abbey Leibert
Academic Year: Second Year
Major: Environmental Studies
Area of Expertise: Research writing, narrative writing, citations, organization, and lab reports

A headshot of Erin Lutz. Erin is smiling and has long brown hair with half of it pulled back. She is wearing glasses, a gray shirt, and a blue and orange colorful cardigan over top.

Erin Lutz
Academic Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Science
Areas of Expertise: Research writing, citations, grammar, scientific writing, essays

A headshot of V O’Brien. They are wearing a dark blue patterned sweater. They have long brown hair. They are smiling.

V O'Brien
Academic Year: Junior
Major: Landscape Architecture
Areas of Expertise: Academic writing, research writing, creative writing, brainstorming, organization, grammar, citations

A headshot of Rebecca Rowe. She is wearing a blue baseball hat, blue life jacket, and a plaid shirt. She has dark brown hair. Her left hand is raised. She is in a boat on a river. She is smiling with her teeth.

Rebecca Rowe
Academic Year: Fourth Year
Major: Environmental Science
Area of Expertise: Organization, planning, research writing, analyses, essay writing

A headshot of Siela Zembsch. She is wearing a black sweater. She has long dirty blonde hair, which is glowing in the sunlight. She is smiling with her teeth. She is standing in a field of yellow flowers.

Siela Zembsch
Academic Year: Fifth Year
Major: Landscape Architecture
Minor: Environmental Writing and Rhetoric
Areas of Research and Experience: Academic writing, poetry and other creative writing, journalistic writing, interviewing, and grammar.

A headshot of Ivy Ven Roy. She is wearing a striped sweater and glasses. Her hair is long and strawberry blonde. She is smiling with her teeth.  Abby Webster
WRC GA, PhD Student - Chemical Ecology
Areas of Expertise: Academic/Research, Writing, Lab Reports, Manuscripts for Publication, Presentations, Organization, Grammar, Citations