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Undeclared Option for First Year Undergraduates

If you enter ESF as first-year undergraduate (freshman) but are not certain which degree program to select, you may enroll in the Undeclared Option for up to a year.

As an undeclared student, the college's first-year general education core will provide the foundation for your coursework. To be best prepared for the major you eventually select, you are strongly encouraged to narrow your interests to as few of the ESF undergraduate programs of study as possible before you arrive. During Orientation, you will work with an advisor to design your first-year schedule. All undeclared students must choose and declare a program of study prior to the beginning of their sophomore year.

First year courses will include basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, communications, and electives in a variety of areas. If you have worked with your advisor to select courses wisely, you will be well prepared to enter your chosen major with a low burden for making up degree-specific coursework.

Sample Schedule

General Biology I & II with laboratory — 8 credits
General Chemistry I & II with laboratory — 8 credits
English/Writing — 3 credits
Choice of 2-3 General Education requirements* — 6-9 credits
Pre-Calculus or Calculus — 3-4 credits

*General Education requirements may include courses in social sciences, American history, western civilization, other world civilizations, humanities and the arts depending on your choice of degree program.

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