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Graduate Students
Charles A.S. Hall

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Past Graduate Students

Aileen Guzman
(8/03, PhD GPES) Quantifying the Sustainability of Metro Manila, Philippines

Current Position:

  • Project Coordinator

Current Academic Training:

  • Aparri Engineering LLC

Lindsay Cray
(8/07, MS)

GuptaJill McMichael
(8/07, MS GPES) Quantifying the Impact of Oil Shocks on Long-Term Public Debt: A Scenario Analysis

(Left to right: Secretary of energy Steven Chu, Jillian McMicheal, and his wife)

Carlos Pascualli
(8/09, PhD)

Ridhima Nayyar
(8/08 MS GPES) Energy and economic analysis of proposed lighting retrofit options for Illick Hall at SUNY-ESF.

Suzanna DelGranado
(8/07, PhD) with Jack Manno

Karla Hyde
(8/05, MS) with Myrna Hall

GuptaDavid Murphy
(8/07, PhD GPES) Energy Return on Investment as a Metric for Biophysical Economics.
(2007, MS GPES with Myrna Hall) The relation between land-cover and the urban heat island in northeastern Puerto Rico.


Gagnon, Nathan
(2008, MS GPES) The energy costs and gains of oil and natural gas extraction worldwide.

GuptaCastello, Leandro
(2007, PhD EFB with Donald Stewart) A socio-economical synthesis on the conservation of the pirarucu (Arapaima) in floodplains of the Amazon.

Current Position:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the Woods Hole Research Center

GuptaChen. Amy
(2006, MS GPES). Some meteorological consequences of land use change from urbanization and industrialization along a rural to urban gradient in eastern Puerto Rico

Current Position:

  • Stay at home Mom

Past Positions:

  • Quantitative Environmental Analysis, Scientist
  • Environmental Resources Management, Intern
  • Environmental Resources Management, Consultant
  • State University of New York – College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Instructor

GuptaHarris, Nancy
(2006, PhD EFB) Measuring the carbon balance of a tropical forested ecosystem along a gradient of elevation in the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico: an empirical and modeling study scaled from leaves to landscapes.

Current Position:

  • Senior Program Associate to Program Officer: Carbon and Land Use Specialist in the Ecosystem Services unit of Winrock International

GuptaMead, Jerry
(2006, PhD EFB) An Empirical And Modeling Analysis of the Spatial Structure And Trophic Energy Flow Through A Small Temperate Stream

Current Positions:

  • Assistant Scientist and Section leader, Watershed and Systems Ecology Section, Patrick Center for Environmental Research, Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Research associate/Staff-University of Pennsylvania
  • Adjunct faculty-Drexel University
  • Adjunct faculty-Arcadia University

Former Position:

  • Post-doctoral research fellow-University of Pennsylvania

Quaye, Amos
(2006, MS GPES) A biophysical analysis of food production in Ghana: History and potential for food self sufficiency

GuptaSchmitt, Laura
(2006, PhD EFB) The relation of soil erosion and poverty on the Island of Negros, The Philippines

Current Positions:

  • Assistant professor at Michigan State University, jointly with the Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Resource Studies, and the Environmental Science & Policy Program
  • She is working on research projects around upland development in the Philippines, land use decision-making in Minnesota, and climate change and the bioeconomy in Michigan

Former Positions:

  • Postdoctoral appointment University of Minnesota Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Initiative, 2007-2008
  • Dr. Schmitt Olabisi has taught modeling, ecology and environmental science classes at the high school, college, and graduate levels.

GuptaWu, Wei
(2005, PhD GPES) Spatial Modeling of the Probability of Cloud Cover Evapotranspiration and Stream Flow in North-Eastern Puerto Rico.

Current Position:

  • Assistant Professor in Landscape Ecology, Department of Coastal Sciences, The University of Southern Mississippi (USM)

Former Position:

  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University (2006-2007)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Civil & Environmental engineering, Syracuse University (2005-2006)
  • Research Assistant, Department of Environmental Science, SUNY-College of Environmental Science & Forestry (2001-2005)
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-College of Environmental Science & Forestry (2000-2001)

GuptaBorbor, Mercy
(2005, PhD GPES) Modeling how land use affects nutrient budgets in the Guayas Basin – Ecuador: Ecological and economic implications.

Current Position:

  • Viceminister, Minister of the Environment, Ecuador.

Former Positions:

  • Coordinator of Littoral at the Secretaria Nacional de Gestion de Riesgos, Guayas.
  • Visiting Scientist at the Institute for Study of the Society and Environment.
  • Post doctoral Fellow ASP/IAI at the Institute for the Study of the Society and Environment (ISSE) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

GuptaChetima, Mamadou
(2005, MS GPES) Quantitative analysis of the agro-pastoral system in the Republic of Niger; Implications for food security.

Current Position:

  • PhD Candidate at Cornell University (Fall 2004-Present) majoring in Animal Science; also completing two minors 1.) Environmental Information Sciences and 2.) Natural Resources.

Minor, Maria
(2003, PhD EFB) Assessing the sustainability of short-rotation forestry for energy production in New York State

GuptaHallock Jr., John L
(2003, MS EFB) Effects of a Recently-Licensed Hydroelectric Project and Channel Gradient on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in the Salmon River, New York


Cornell, Joseph D.
(2003, PhD EFB) Modeling Forest Cover in Central America From 1880 - 2000 A.D. Using GIS

GuptaKroeger, T.
(2003, PhD GPES) Exploring the Comparative Cost-Effectiveness of Economic Incentive and Command-And-Control Instruments, and of Renewable A Case Study of Lima-Callao, Peru

Current Position:

  • Senior Environmental Economist, Central Science Department, The Nature Conservancy

Former Positions:

  • Natural Resources Economist, Conservation Economics Program, Defenders of Wildlife
  • Consultant, International Resources Group, LLC
  • Consultant, Pan-American Health Organization
  • Consultant, National Environmental Council, Peru
  • Consultant, Swisscontact Peru
  • Parajuli, Rudriksha R.
    (2003, MS GPES) An Analysis of the Relationship Between Human Population Growth and Cereal Supply in Nepal

    Rubin, Benjamin Dana
    (2003, PhD EFB with Paul Manion) Assessment of the Health and Sustainability of New York Forest Based on Forest Structure, Mortality and Disease

    GuptaTaweesuk, Siripun
    (2001, PhD GPES) Dynamic Simulation Modeling of the Land Use, Economy and Environment in Chiang Mai, Thailand Using GIS and Remote Sensing

    Current Position:

    • Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University
      • Teaching: Forest Ecology and Environment, GIS for Environmental Science, Remote Sensing for Environmental Science and Map Interpretation.
    • She is also working on writing a Thai textbook about tropical forest ecology.

    Former Positions

    • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University
    • Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University

    GuptaWang, Hongqing
    (2001, PhD EFB) Dynamic Modeling of The Spatial and Temporal Variations of Forest Carbon and Nitrogen Inventories, Including Their Responses to Hurricane Disturbances, in The Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico.

    Current Position:

    • Landscape Ecologist (Spatial Ecosystem Modeler), 2009 – Present, IAP World Services/National Wetlands Research Center /Coastal Restoration Field Station/USGS, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Former Positions:

    • Assistant Professor Research (Hydrodynamic/Water Quality Modeler), 2007 – 2009, Center for Louisiana Water Studies, Institute of Coastal Ecology and Engineering, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana.
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate (Ecological Modeler), 2004 – 2007, Environmental Cooperative Science Center (ECSC), NOAA, and Environmental Sciences Institute (ESI), Florida A&M University, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate (Landscape Ecologist), 2001 – 2004, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

    GuptaWells, Daniel
    (2001, MS EFB with Theresa Donovan) Using multivariate models to predict avian distribution in the St. Lawrence Plain region of New York.

    Current Position:

    • President and Senior Wildlife Biologist of Hyla Ecological Services, Inc. of Somerville, Massachusetts.
      • Primary responsibilities include the design and implementation of surveys for reptiles, amphibians, birds and other wildlife; wildlife habitat assessments and mapping using GIS.

    Former Posittions:

    • Avian Biologist for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Golden-winged Warbler Atlas Project.
    • Participant in the New York Breeding Bird Atlas project.
    • Sector leader for the Christmas Bird Counts in Groton and Concord, MA.

    GuptaKo, Jae-Young
    (2000, PhD) An integrated assessment of energy and resource efficiency trends at regional, national, and international scales.

    Current Positions:

    • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Marine Sciences, Texas A&M University at Galveston
    • Participating faculty, MARB-IDP (Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Marine Biology),Texas A&M University

    Former Positions:

    • Postdoctoral Researcher, Coastal Ecology Institute, Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Supervisor: Dr. John W. Day)