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Division of Sustainable Facilities & Operations


Syracuse Campus

Facilities Planning, Design and Construction (FPDC)

Name Title Email Phone
Diana Jaramillo Keane Director of Facilities  315-470-6585
Rex Giardine Assistant Director, FPDC  315-470-6731
Pete Marschall Senior Project Coordinator  315-470-6643
David Napolitano Associate Facilities Program Coordinator  315-470-6926
Katherine Hobbs Construction Contracts Administrator  315-470-6529
Elizabeth Parsons Assistant Facilities Program Coordinator  315-470-6694 
Shaudia Peterson Administrative Assistant 315-470-6589


Sustainable Operations

Name Title Email Phone
Rustan Petrela Executive Director of Operations  315-470-6940
Michael Amadori Sustainable Operations and Planning  315-470-6580



Name Title Email Phone
Earl Bazydlo Maintenance/Trades Supervisor  315-470-4807
Gregory Bresett Maintenance Assistant    
Jose A. Camacho Trades Generalist   315-470-6584
Richard F. Creaser Trades Specialist (Electrician)    
John F. Detor Trades Generalist    
William Frawley Trades Generalist    
Michael C. Hile Trades Generalist    
Robert M. Kelly Trades Specialist (Machinist)    
Richard P. Moore Trades Generalist     
Matthew B. Pede Maintenance Assistance    
Timothy Potter Cleaner    


Combined Heat & Power Plant and HVAC

Name Title Email Phone
Teddy Ramjas Plant Utilities Engineer 2 315-470-4961
Lee Smith Plant Utilities Engineer 1    
Jason LaTray Plant Utilities Engineer 1    


Facilities Operations & Services

Name Title Email Phone
Peter Vandermark  315-470-6964



Name Title Email Phone
Mike Vargason Grounds Supervisor 315-470-6590
Jeff Demperio Facilities Operations Assistant 1    
Andy Saunders Facilities Operations Assistant 1    
Luis Suatoni Facilities Operations Assistant 1    



Name Title Email Phone
Jason Chagnon Maintenance Supervisor 1 315-470-6590



Name Title Email Phone
Mark Poupore Supervising Janitor 315-470-4756
Bob Gilmore Facilities Operations Assistant 2 (Custodial)  


Kelly McConnell, Janitor
Will Forsythe,  Facilities Operations Assistant 1

Jeff Tafel, Janitor
Will Forsythe,  Facilities Operations Assistant 1

Paul Baumes, Janitor
Chanelle Lewis, Facilities Operations Assistant 1
Brian Sherwood, Facilities Operations Assistant 1
Anthony Ragonese, Cleaner

Dan Christen, Janitor

Michelle Scibilia, Janitor

Rashad Love, Janitor
Marie McGuire, Facilities Operations Assistant 1

Al Clark, Janitor
Greg Bresett, Facilities Operations Assistant 1
Matt Pede, Facilities Operations Assistant 1
John Barletta, Facilities Operations Assistant 1

Josh Delaney, Facilities Operations Assistant 1

Regional Campuses


Name Title Email Phone
Jody Larabee Maintenance Supervisor 1    
Jeremy Rifenburg Trades Generalist    

Wanakena/Cranberry Lake

Name Title Email Phone
Eric Wixon Maintenance Supervisor 1    
Jay Lawrence Trades Generalist    
John Russel Trades Generalist    
Anne Pickering Janitor    
Brian Whitford Maintenance Assistant    
Tim Johnson Facilities Operations Assistant 2    
Justin Duchano Facilities Operations Assistant 1