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Meal Plan Options for ESF Students

  • Students Living in Centennial Hall:
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    First-Year Students Living in Centennial Hall

    All first-year students living in ESF's Centennial Hall must choose a meal plan for 85 meals per semester, provided by Syracuse University (SU) Dining Services. ESF students can use their SU meal plan at any of the dining centers or other food service locations found on the SU campus, and will most often use the Sadler Hall dining center located just a short walk from Centennial Hall.

    Dining Dollars and Trailhead Dining Points accounts are declining balance accounts used for the non-taxable purchase of food and beverages on campus. Trailhead Dining Points are transferable from fall semester, but must be used by the end of spring semester (balances cannot be refunded). Dining Dollars must be used by the end of each semester. Extra funds can be added to Trailhead Dining Points, but not Dining Dollars.

    A new program, Campus Cash, is a declining balance account securely encoded on your Trailhead Dining Card. Unlike Trailhead Dining Points, Campus Cash is taxable, potentially refundable, and can be used both on and off campus for a variety of services and dining options. Please visit the Trailhead Café page for a list of locations, restrictions, and how to add Campus Cash.

    We recommend that most new students choose the Block 85 or Block 130 Plan to begin their first-year. You can change your contract to a larger meal plan if you find that 85 or 130 meals per semester are not enough, but you cannot change to a smaller plan once you have submitted a contract for a larger plan.

    Unlike any other plan, Block 85 and Block 130 Plan Plus Trailhead Plan offers the combination of a 85 or 130 meals a semester plus a "Trailhead Dining Points" account (debit) for use at The Trailhead Cafe at ESF. The Trailhead Cafe in ESF's Gateway Center is especially convenient for breakfast and lunch. All food purchases made using Trailhead Dining Points are non-taxable.

    Meal plan selections can be made by logging on to Myslice.Meal plan changes can be made until the end of the second week of each semester. After the second week only additional deposits can be made using GET CBORD Student ($25 minimum deposit). Please note that spring semester meal plans will default to the previous fall semester meal plan selection.

    Upperclass/Transfer Students

    (Both on and off campus)

    Upperclassmen and transfer students are not required to have a meal plan, however they are welcome to choose any combinations of SU/Trailhead meal plans.

    All meal plans for ESF's Trailhead cafe must be selected through the banner student portal in action items. All SU meal plans must be selected through the MySlice portal.

    SU Meal Plans

      Block 85+
    Trailhead Plan A
    Block 130 +
    Trailhead Plan A
    Block 220 Blue Unlimited Orange Unlimited
    Cost per Semester $2,110 SU + $450 Trailhead $2,845 SU + $450 Trailhead $3,990 $4,220 $4,420
    Meals per Semester 85 130 220 unlimited unlimited
    SUpercard value per semester $200 $200 $200 $0 $200
    Guest Meals 0 0 0 10 10

    Or view plans here:

    2021-2022 Meal Plan Rates

    SU Meal Plan Homepage

    Trailhead Meal Plans

    Plan A $450 (First-Year Student plan)
    Plan B $1300
    Plan 1 $160
    Plan 2 $375
    Plan 3 $700
    Plan 4 $1025

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