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Office of Human Resources
Hybrid Work Schedule

ESF employees whose job duties require them to be fully in-person (e.g., Police, Mailroom, Facilities) should report to work. All others may temporarily work a Hybrid schedule through June 30, 2024, under the following conditions:

This temporary use of Hybrid scheduling will follow the same process as the existing Telecommuting Policy.

We also encourage employees to utilize their leave accruals during this period; leave requests should be submitted as soon as possible, and will be liberally approved based on operational need.

Unless otherwise notified by Human Resources, an employee should begin working the agreed-upon remote schedule with the approval of their supervisor and department head.

Supervisors and/or department heads should email Human Resources of any schedules that have been adjusted and what those adjustments are.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can continue to work your current hybrid schedule. This expansion just allows functions currently deemed to be In-Person the same privilege extended to those who are currently Hybrid.

Yes, if your supervisor and department head approve that you can complete all your duties while working a Hybrid schedule.

Yes, some employees may have to come in every day or more than 50% to check mail, sign documents, file, print document/contracts, etc.

The report is required to be submitted to your supervisor documenting the work you performed on remote work days. Human Resources is happy to share sample reports. You can obtain a report here.