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Joint Labor/Management Health and Safety Committee

Dear Campus Community,

The College has established a joint health and safety committee. The mission of the committee is to be advisory with the objectives of:

  • Participating in the development and implementation of programs to protect the employees’ health and safety.
  • Dealing with employee issues and suggestions concerning health and safety.
  • Helping make health and safety activities an integral part of the organization’s operating culture, procedures and programs.
  • Promoting programs to improve employee training and education to increase and maintain the interest and best practices of employees in health and safety issues.
  • Informing and educating employees and supervisors about health and safety issues, new standards, research finds, etc.

In an effort to better serve the employees, the committee has developed a form for reporting a safety and health concern.  This form is available on the Human Resources web page at


Member Unit Represents
Matt Smith Moon Library UUP
Bob Dugan University Police PBA
Sue Fassler Facilities and Operations Facilities and Operations
Mark Poupore Physical Plant CSEA
John Wasiel Environmental Health & Safety Environmental Health & Safety Office
Rose Osborne GSEU GSEU
Josh Arnold Energy Conservation, Development and Controls Energy Conservation, Development and Controls