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Training & Education Opportunities

ESF requires all employees to complete several training courses annually. Elective trainings and professional development are also available. Additionally, employees who supervise others or work with specialty equipment or hazardous materials are required to take additional training courses related to their position responsibilities. These courses are provided by departments throughout ESF.

  • NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training
  • SUNY Tuition Assistance
    If you are a full-time employee taking courses at ESF or another SUNY institution, you should complete form B-140 (forms available in office of Human Resources). You must submit form B-140 by the deadline, which is announced to the campus before each semester begins. This benefit may or may not pay the full cost of tuition; it depends on how many people apply for assistance each semester. Generally, fees are not covered.

Training Courses

Training Required By Frequency
RAPID Responsible Employee (Title IX/Clery New York State) October 1st Annually
SUNY Reporting Child Sexual Abuse SUNY (Delivered by BizLibrary) Biennial
Preventing Workplace Violence SUNY (Delivered by BizLibrary) Annually
Preventing Sexual Misconduct Title IX SUNY (Delivered by BizLibrary) Annually
Internal Controls Essential SUNY (Delivered by BizLibrary) Annually