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Thousand Islands Biological Station
Muskie Programs

Muskie Release Program

To assist in the preservation of the muskellunge population in the St. Lawrence River, Save the River in partnership with TIBS sponsor a Muskie Release Award. 

The release of fish ensures a future supply of naturally reproduced muskies as well as larger trophies for years to come. Since the inception of the muskellunge release award in 1987, over 500 muskies have been successfully released. To encourage this practice, anglers who release a muskie 48'' or larger during the fishing season (third Saturday in June through December 15) are eligible to receive a signed limited edition print, St. Lawrence River Muskie! by St. Lawrence River artist Michael Ringer. To learn more about this program you can pick up a St. Lawrence River Muskellunge Release Award pamphlet from Save The River, the Clayton Chamber of Commerce or any of the local bait shops or fishing guides in the Thousand Islands Region.

Muskellunge Angler Diary Program

The Muskie Diary Program is a volunteer based survey through which fishing guides and anglers keep a record of effort, catch and harvest rates, and size of muskellunge caught in the Thousand Islands. The Muskie Diary Program has been a success now since 1997 and the information obtained from these dairies has become an invaluable tool for the management of the muskellunge sportfishery. Information provided by musky diary participants was used to create a new management plan in 2003 designed to enhance the fishery.

Visit the Online Portal:

Update of the Strategic Plan for Management of the St. Lawrence River Muskellunge Population and Sportfishery, Phase III: 2003-2010