Dendrochronology Links

Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages:  An extensive set of web pages built by Henri Grissino-Mayer that covers a wide variety of topics related to tree ring research.  The site is a good starting point for investigating any aspect of tree ring research.

Lectures in Dendrochronology:  A series of PowerPoint presentations developed by Jim Speer, Paul Krusic, and Henri Grissino-Mayer for use in instructional settings.  The presentations provide introductory information on the practice of dendrochronology and relevant background information.

North American Dendroecological Fieldweek:  An instructional program held in a different location each year.  The program provides participants with hands on experience and is appropriate for a wide range of experience levels.

International Tree-Ring Data Bank Forum:  A cyberspace discussion of all facets of tree-ring research in which many experienced dendrochronologists participate.  The forum is a good source of details on many techniques and includes a searchable archive.

Crossdating Tutorial:  A series of instruction web pages created by Paul Sheppard that explain the technique of cross-dating and include an interactive application for skeleton plotting.  The interactive application provides a convenient way to practice crossdating and learn the technique before working with real samples.

International Tree-Ring Data Bank: Part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s paleoclimatology effort, the database is the primary public repository of raw and processed tree-ring data.  Data may be searched in a variety of ways and downloaded.

Bibliography of Dendrochronology:  A searchable database containing all types of publications on topics related to tree rings. Henri Grissino-Mayer continuously updates the database, a useful resource for finding publications not included or poorly indexed in other databases.

Dendrochronology Program Library:  A collection of free software programs produced by the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.  The programs allow manipulation and statistical processing of tree-ring data files, and are widely used by the dendrochronology community.

University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research:  The first Laboratory dedicated to tree ring research, and still a leader in a variety of tree-ring subdisciplines.

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Tree-Ring Lab:  Part of Columbia University, the lab is a world-wide leader in Dendroclimatology

Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory:  An established tree ring laboratory focused on tree-ring research in the northeastern United States, Near East, and Aegean regions.

Tree-Ring Society:  a scientific association for the promotion of tree-ring research that publishes the journal Tree-Ring Research.

TreeFlow and Western Water Assessment:  information on using tree-ring records to create river flow reconstructions.