John Stella, Ph.D.


Papers in refereed journals

* Indicates student author.

Thorel, M., H. Piégay, C. Barthélémy, B. Räpple*, C-R Gruel*, P. Marmonier, T. Winiarsky, J-P Bedell, F. Arnaud*, G. Roux, J.C. Stella, G. Seignemartin*, A. Tena-Pagan, V. Wawrzyniak*, D. Roux-Michollet, B. Oursel, S. Fayolle, C. Bertrand*, E. Franquet. (in review) Socio-environmental stakes associated with process-based restoration strategies in large rivers: should we remove novel ecosystems along the Rhône (France)? Regional Environmental Change

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Book chapters and Conference Proceedings

Bendix, J., and J.C. Stella. 2013. Riparian Vegetation and the Fluvial Environment: A Biogeographic Perspective. In Treatise on Geomorphology 12: Ecogeomorphology (D. Butler and C. Hupp, Eds.). Elsevier, San Diego. [pdf]

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Stella, J.C., J.C. Vick, B.K. Orr.  2004.  Riparian vegetation dynamics on the Merced River.  The Wilderness Society Riparian Floodplains Conference Proceedings.Sacramento, CA. March 2001.  [pdf] [2]

Stella, J.C. 1998.  The Greywacke Cover-up.  Soil Survey Horizons 39(4): 127-130.

Manuscripts in preparation

Dufour, S., M.K. Hayden*, J.C. Stella, H. Piégay, J.J. Battles. (in preparation, River Research and Applications) Composition and diversity patterns of terrestrial vegetation colonizing abandoned channels along a gravel bed meandering river (Sacramento, USA).

Harrison, A.M.*, J.C. Stella, S. McNulty and J. Frair. (in prep). Landscape factors affecting long-term site occupancy by beaver in the Adirondack Mountains, NY

Stella. J.C., Z.E. Diggory, J.J. Battles and B.K. Orr. (in prep.)  Survival and growth of riparian trees planted on floodplain dredger spoils along the Merced River, CA.

Piégay, H., M.B. Singer and J.C. Stella. (in prep). Downstream spatio-temporal changes in meander rates and vegetation dynamics following dam construction on the Sacramento River, CA (USA).

Selected technical publications

Stella, J.C. 2011. Yuba River Riparian Study: Cottonwood Limiting Factors Analysis. Prepared for Yuba County Water Agency. Yuba River Development Project, FERC Project No. 2246.

Stillwater Sciences. 2006. Restoring recruitment processes for riparian cottonwoods and willows: a field-calibrated predictive model for the lower San Joaquin Basin. Prepared for CALFED Bay-Delta Ecosystem Restoration Program, Sacramento, California.  Prepared by Stillwater Sciences and Dr. J.C. Stella, in conjunction with Dr. J.J. Battles and Dr. J.R. McBride, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley.  Download Brochure | Download Full Report (PDF) [3]

Stillwater Sciences.  2006.  Merced River Ranch revegetation experiment.  Prepared by Stillwater Sciences, Berkeley, California, for CALFED, Sacramento, California.  Download (PDF) [4]

Stillwater Sciences. 2002. Merced River corridor restoration plan. Prepared by Stillwater Sciences, Berkeley, California for CALFED Bay-Delta Program, Sacramento, California.  Download (PDF) [5]

Stillwater Sciences.  2001.  Merced River Restoration Plan Phase II.  Volume II:  Baseline evaluations; geomorphic and riparian vegetation investigations.  Prepared by Stillwater Sciences, Berkeley, California for CALFED Bay-Delta Ecosystem Restoration Program, Sacramento, California.  Download (PDF) [6]

Research features

Research featured in Forests Round the Bend, a special issue on riparian restoration efforts on the Sacramento River. 2003. Science-In-Action Newsletter, pp. 4 – 9.  CALFED Bay-Delta Program.  Sacramento, CA. Download (PDF) [7]