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Funding History

This Research Coordination Network is supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Environmental Biology (DEB) #1257906.

The QUEST RCN builds on work supported by:

  • A supplement added to NSF DEB#0949324 in 2011
  • NSF #1216092 EAGER: Uncertainty in Precipitation Inputs in Ecosystem Studies
  • a fellowship awarded by NYSERDA
    • Levine, Carrie R. and R. D. Yanai.  2012.  Assessment of Long-Term Monitoring of Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Mercury Deposition and Environmental Effects in New York State.  New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Final Report 12-21.
    • Levine, C.R., R.D. Yanai, G.G. Lampman, D.A. Burns, C.T. Driscoll, G.B. Lawrence, J.A. Lynch, and N. Schoch. 2014. Evaluating the efficiency of environmental monitoring programs. Ecological Indicators. 39: 94 – 101. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2013.12.010 HTML
  • and two Long Term Ecological Research Science Working Groups
    • Campbell, J.L. 2011. Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies. 2011 LTER Synthesis Working Group. Final Report.
    • Yanai, R.D. 2012.  Quantifying Uncertainty in Wet Atmospheric Deposition.   2012 LTER Synthesis working group. Final Report and 2013 Update.